• Hello, and welcome to AP Seminar at Jackson High School. I want to commend you for choosing to take this challenging class. It may seem daunting, but this class will give you invaluable skills for college and life after high school if you use your time here to its full potential. I encourage you to put yourself out there and try new things, as this class will push you in new and exciting ways. Don't be scared of failure, as it will be your best teacher. We will explore the content and the world around us (and beyond) like you never have before. Let's make this year count! 

    I will not be updating this website regularly, but I wanted to give everyone access to the resources I will be posting online here. Please email me at kmitchell@everettsd.org if you have any questions about the following information.

    I will be updating all class information on Canvas, which is an online tool students can access here, on the Everett School District Website:


    Please note that you will need to sign in in order to access their Canvas profile, and the assignment information I post on it. I will upload due dates, assignment details and prompts, rubrics, readings, and other relevant files on this platform. Canvas is increasingly utilized by colleges in Washington state, and is a convenient place to consolidate information. If you, or your student, have issues accessing this site, please let me know. This is an area of growth for myself and students, and I will ask that we be patient with each other as the district moves to 1:1 learning.

    All homework must be turned in at the beginning of the period on the given due date to be considered on time. As I am utilizing conference-based grading, I will accept all late or corrected work from the semester, for full credit, once students have met with me to discuss the reasons behind their late grades. The final grade will be determined by a presentation of the student's portfolio (a collection of work and reflections from the semester), and a conference with myself. I care far more about the skills being mastered than assessing students’ ability to keep track of due dates. That said, is my expectation that deadlines are respected; the course will continue to move forward, so I cannot guarantee timely feedback on corrected/missing work, as my priority will be work turned in on time.  In the case of an emergency, or special accommodations, extensions may be granted if you see me at least 2 school days prior to the assignment due date. New due dates will be set on an individual basis. 


    Thank you!