• 2018-2019 "Retake" Process

    In order for you to qualify for a retake, you must have completed & graded the Practice Test or Study Guide on time.

    You have two weeks from the date the graded tests were handed back to complete the retake process and take the retake.

    Get a Retake Form from the classroom.

    1) Redo any assignments within the tested unit in which you have earned a score less than "meets standard". In other words, all assignments within that unit must be at level 3 or 4. Submit your redone assignments so I can record them, or bring them with you when we conference so I can record them at that time.

    2) Make corrections on all problems on the original test for which you did not earn full credit.

    3)  Arrange to meet with me for a conference.

    Test Corrections Procedure

    You must come with your test corrections completed for our conference. 

    You may get help from your classmates, parents, or teacher.  However, make sure you understand your errors enough to explain them clearly.

    Your Test must be attached to your test corrections where you show all the following items. You must do the following for each incorrect question or problem on the test:

    • Write in complete sentences explaining what your error was and what you need to do to correct it. Write enough to prove that you understand it now.
    • Show all work to correct the problem or question and include the correct answer.



    Example prompts that you can use to write your sentences:

     The mistake I made was_________________________________________

    To fix this mistake I will ________________________________________

     Examples using these prompts

     The mistake I made was that I did not answer the stated question. It asked for coordinate points for the transformation and I did not state the ordered pairs.

    To fix this mistake I will make certain that I transformed the figure/point accurately and write the ordered pair correctly.


    The mistake I made was a process math mistake. I forgot that when writing an ordered pair for a coordinate point that the “x” value is listed first, followed by a comma, then the “y” value is listed. Ordered pairs must be enclosed in parenthesis.

    To fix this mistake I will rewrite the ordered pairs in appropriate form.

    Parents must sign the retake form.