Evaluation & Appeal Process

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    The Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee will meet to review the results of the Highly Capable Program assessment and make recommendations for placement.

    By mid-May, families will receive a letter in the mail with the assessment results and the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee’s decision about Highly Capable Program enrollment for the upcoming school year.


    Appeals Process
    Everett Public Schools, in compliance with the Washington State laws for Highly Capable Programs (WAC 392-170-047), has an appeal process. If you do not agree with the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee decision and you wish to appeal, you will be asked to complete an appeal form.

    The Highly Capable assessment criteria are applied equitably to all participants. Appeals for reconsideration of students who have not met the eligibility criteria are reviewed by the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee after notification of the assessment results and placement decision has been made.

    Appeals must be based upon a specific criterion related to the assessment conditions, or to a misapplication or miscalculation f the scores. Appeals outside of this criterion will not be processed.

    Examples of the accepted criteria are as follows (these are typically documented by the Proctor):

    • An extraordinary circumstance occurred during testing that may have negatively affected the validity of the test results (i.e., a building wide power outage that interfered with testing, Chromebook malfunction that did not allow the student to complete all questions).
    • A misapplication or miscalculation of the assessment data (i.e., incorrect birthdate or grade level used in calculating the student’s score).


    Examples of what WILL NOT be accepted for an appeal are as follows:

    • External factors such as lack of sleep, family stress, travel, etc. are not considered.
    • Typical classroom activity and noise levels are to be expected during testing and are not considered a distraction.
    • The student’s self-report of the testing experience does not align with the outcome (i.e., student says they answered all of the questions).
    • Requesting a recalculation or reevaluation of scores based solely on the fact that the student scores did not meet thresholds.
    • Your child was ill at the time of testing.
    • You were not informed of the exact day and time your child would be taking the Highly Capable assessment.
    • Outside cognitive testing or evaluations as supporting documentation for the appeals process will not be accepted.


    The following procedures are in place for an appeal:

    • All completed appeal forms and supporting evidence must be submitted to the Highly Capable Program office within 10 calendar days of notification of the results. Late forms will not be accepted.
    • The appeal will be reviewed by the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee shortly after the appeal deadline.
    • The decision of the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee on all appeals is final.