Lesson 3 - Newsletter


    Assignment 3:  Newsletter

    1.    You will be creating a one page newsletter in Publisher.

    2.    When you are done, have your instructor check your work.

    3.    We will watch the following Atomic Learning tutorials. 

    4.    Atomic Learning:  C. Working with Text

    a.    Adding bullets and numbering

    b.    Check spelling

    5.    Atomic Learning:  E. Enhancing a Publication

    a.    Adjusting text overflows

    b.    Adding drop caps

    6.    Atomic Learning:  F. Working with Multiple Pages

    a.    Deleting pages

    b.    Adding page numbers

    7.    Atomic Learning:  G.  Using Advanced Features

    a.    Wrapping text around an object

    b.    Rotating a text box

    c.    Adding a table

    8.    Atomic Learning:  H. Working Efficiently

    a.    Importing a Word document

    Applying Your Knowledge:  Newsletter

    Create the Publication

    1.    Open Publisher

    2.    Under “Built In” double click on “Newsletter.”

    3.   Choose a template for your newsletter and click on it.


    Inserting Text and Bullets

    1.    For the title of the newsletter type “Favorite Restaurants”

    2.    Underneath “Favorite Restaurants” type your full name.

    3.    Research on-line 4-6 of your favorite restaurants.  Write an short article about each one. 

    4.    Bullet information:  For your favorite restaurant, list at least 3 reasons why it is one of your favorites. 


    1.    Insert an image for each restaurant and resize it if necessary.

    2.    Rotate at least two of the images.

    Drop Caps

    1.    Use at least two drop caps.

    Fonts and Color

    1.    Select fonts that can easily be read  

    2.    Newsletter heading is a large font size

    3.    Student name is a smaller font size than heading

    4.    Column headings should be a larger font than the written articles

    5.    Colors used should compliment your template.

    Balance and White Space

    1.    Check that your articles are well balanced and has consistent spacing.

    2.    Information should be balance on the page so you don’t have empty white spaces.

    Adding Page Number

    1.    Add a page number at the bottom of the page and center it.

    Spell Check Document

    1.    Spell check document before printing and grading.

    Saving the Newsletter

    1.    Save the newsletter to your individual student drive and name it newsletter.


    1.    Print only page 1 of your “Newsletter” to the Xerox printer.

    2.    Have your instructor view/grade your calendar on screen.