Lesson 4 - Calendars


    Assignment 4:  Calendars

    1.    You will be creating two one month calendars in Publisher.

    2.    When you are done, have your instructor check your work.

    3.    We will watch the following Atomic Learning tutorials. 

    4.    Atomic Learning:  B. Creating a Publication

    a.    Adding a graphic image

    5.    Atomic Learning:  C. Working with Text

    a.    Check spelling

    6.    Atomic Learning:  D. Working with Graphic Objects

    a.    Inserting and resizing clip art

    b.    Rotating an image

    c.    Filling shapes with colors

    Applying Your Knowledge:  Calendars

    Create the Publication

    1.    Open Publisher

    2.    Under “Publication Types” click on “Calendars.”

    3.    Select the “Art Left” template for your calendar by double clicking on it.



    1.    For the title of the calendar type “February and the current year”

    2.    Change the font style to “Forte”

    3.    Format the text box to yellow

    4.    Change the font color to blue

    5.    Search online for 3 holidays for February and type them in the appropriate date box

    6.    Fill the 3 holiday date boxes with different fill colors

    7.    Insert an image for on each holiday date and resize it to fit the box

    8.    For the picture box on the left of the calendar, insert 1-3 pictures of your choosing that represents the month of February and rotate your image(s)

    Add an Additional Month

    1.    Choose a different calendar template

    2.    Include 3 special dates in the date boxes

    9.    Fill the 3 special date boxes with different fill colors

    10.  Insert an image for on each special date and resize it to fit the box

    11.  You may add additional special touches of your choosing

    Spell Check Documents

    1.    Spell check document before printing and grading.

    Saving the Calendar

    1.    Save the calendar to your individual student drive and name it calendar.


    1.    Take out the Publisher rubric, review the items that will be graded and make sure that your project is ready to be graded.

    2.    Have your instructor view/grade your calendar on screen