• Lesson 5 - Safety Pamplet


    Assignment  5:  Safety Pamphlet Brochure


      There are three tutorial sections to work through to create the brochure: A, B, & C

    a.    Creating the Layout

    •  1. Starting a new brochure
    •  2. Using text boxes
    •  3. Changing text box size and location
    •  4. Adding bullets
    •  5.  Grouping and ungrouping parts of the layout
    •  6. Deleting unwanted items in the layout
    •  7. Using clipart/pictures boxes
    •  8. Using saved pictures

    b.    Special Details & Features (The "Indent" feature will not show up in the drop down menu.  You will need to use the icon(s) on your toolbar.)

    •  1. Bring to Front/Send to Back option
    •  2. Rotating parts of the layout 

    c.    Finishing the Project

    •  1. Checking the spelling
    •  2. Previewing and printing

       You will complete all video tutorials, in order.




    Checkpoint 1

    1.    You do not need to print the brochure.

    2.  Take out the Publisher rubric, review the items that will be graded and make sure that your project is ready to be graded.

    3. Brochure will be saved under your name in the Publisher folder and named Safety Pamphlet.

    4. Make sure that your name and the current date is on Safety Pamphlet.

    5. Have your teacher view/grade your brochure on the computer screen.