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    There are only 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't.


    This Winter, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering's DawgBytes and the Ambassador team invites high school students to learn about computer science. Over the course of four tech talks, guest speakers ranging from current college students to professors will share their experience and advice about computing. 

    No computing experience or knowledge necessary. Entrance is FREE! RSVP here

    Talk 1: Journey into Computer Science & Engineering
    Students from the Allen School come from diverse backgrounds and some never programmed before coming to UW. Hear firsthand from some of these undergrads about how they came to study CSE!

    When: Tuesday, January 22nd @ 6-7PM
    Where: Johnson Hall, Room 102 on University of Washington Campus

    Talk 2: Intersections in Computing
    CSE has many applications outside of computing – animation, biocomputing, and more. Learn about the ways people in the Allen School are intersecting computer science with their interests to create
    new solutions.

    When: Saturday, February 9th @ 5-6PM
    Where: Campus Location TBD

    Talk 3: Internships and Other Opportunities
    Come hear college students talk about their experiences and give advice about opportunities in CSE.
    This may include internships, research, college courses, personal projects, volunteer work, or being a camp counselor, some of which they got involved in during high school.

    When: Tuesday, February 19th @ 6-7PM
    Where: Campus Location TBD 

    Talk 4: Research in Computing
    At the Allen School, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students are always working on exciting new research.
    Listen to presentations on current research and tips for getting involved even without previous experience!

    When: Saturday, February 23rd @ 6-7PM
    Where: Campus Location TBD 

    who can sleep when there is coding to be done?