Students wishing to enroll in two elective courses in eighth grade may request to meet their physical education requirement through an alternate process.  Per Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-410-135, an average of 100 instructional minutes per week per year in physical education shall be required of all pupils in grades one through eight.  The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 28A.230.030 allows students to be excused from physical education on account of physical disability, religious beliefs, or participation in directed athletics.

    In order to waive physical education to enroll in two elective courses, the student, parent/guardian, and coach/instructor must verify that the student will participate in directed physical activity for an average of 100 minutes per week throughout the school year.  (Note: The 100-minute requirement can be met by successfully completing two full seasons on a school sponsored athletic team.  School coaches will provide the school with a roster of students who completed the season in good standing at the end of each season.)

    To be eligible for an alternate physical education program, the following steps must be completed.

    • The student must be concurrently enrolled in two electives at the middle school.
    • The student must submit an application to participate in the alternate program (attached).
    • The student must track activity minutes. The total activity time must be equivalent to an average of 100 minutes per week throughout the school year. (Activity logs are not necessary when participating in a school sponsored sport.  To meet the requirement through school athletics, the student must participate in two seasons.)
    • The student must complete a reflection paper as explained below.
    • After the student completes the required number of activity minutes, the student will submit the signed activity log and the reflection paper to the principal of the school.

    Reflection and Evaluation of Program

    At the completion of the activity program, the student will reflect and evaluate the program.  The reflection will include the following:

    • A description of the student’s original fitness program plan.
    • A description of changes made to the fitness program as it progressed.
    • A description of how effectively the program addressed the components of fitness
      • Muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility
    • A description of how well the student improved or maintained their level of fitness in each component of fitness.
    • A description of how the student will plan to improve and maintain their fitness in the future.


    Paper copy of the PE Waiver Forms