• 7th Grade / Class of 2028!



  • Registration for 7th grade started in March for students and families to choose the classes a student will take in 7th grade.  The Registration Process:  

    1. The grade level counselor visited classes in Mid-March and explained the process and answered questions about registration with the students. 
    2. An email was sent home in Mid-March to families with information about the registration process.
    3. To register for 7th grade classes students need to complete this form: 7th Grade Pre-Registration Form - the due date was 04/01/2022 (In almost every case students will be placed in the classes they requested)
    4. Students with IEP services will be scheduled in the appropriate IEP classes.
    5. The requested classes will be used to create next year's schedule and students will receive their 7th grade schedule at the orientation day at the end of August


    Click here to view the Gateway Course Catalog with additional information about all classes offered at Gateway.  


    High School credit bearing classes 7th graders can or will take include:

    1. Washington State History - 0.5 high school credits (All 7th grade students are enrolled in this class)
    2. Algebra 1 - 1.0 high school credit (Only students enrolled in Math 7/8 in 6th grade will be placed in this class)

    Questions about high school credit? Below is an excerpt from the Everett Public Schools High School Course Catalog regarding high school courses taken at the middle school level. To get more information regarding high school courses and graduation requirements, please follow this link: Graduation Toolkits for EPS


    Middle School Courses for High School Credit

  • Vitrual Tour of Gateway Middle School for those students who have not attended class on campus yet.