World Geography

  • Online Textbook

    Instructions for accessing Geography Alive, the online textbook for the World Geography class.

    1. Go to either the Everett Public Schools website or the Eisenhower Middle School website.

    2. Click the "Students" link.
    student link

    3. Scroll down near the bottom, and click on the "World Geography" logo.
    world geo logo

    4. Creating an account (1st time logging in):
       a. Click on "Student Sign In" (upper right corner)
       b. On the Student Sing In page, click on the green "Create Account" button.
       c. Fill in information on Sign Up page as follows:
         Teacher Email:
         Last Name:   your last name
         First Initial:   your first initial
         Username:   [student number]
         Password:   [6 digits] (2 digits day of month you were born + last 2 digits of your birth year + first 2 digits of your student ID)
         Confirm Password:  re-enter same password (note: you cannot change your password)
       d. Click the "Sign Up" button.
       e. Once you have signed up, click the button matching your class period, then click the "Choose Class" button.