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    Computer Science or Software Engineering Volunteers Needed for TEALS Program at JHS for 2019-20 School Year

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    By teaming with a non-profit hosted by Microsoft, JHS has the wonderful opportunity to offer Advanced Placement Computer Science that will prepare students to take the College Board’s AP Computer Science A exam in May of 2020.


    The course is based on UW’s CSE142 course. To run this program, known as TEALS (Technology, Education and Literacy in Schools), JHS needs volunteers from the Computer Science or Software Engineering fields to team-teach the course with a JHS teacher. JHS will hold the courses during the first two periods of the school day. Please consider helping prepare our students for the STEM jobs of the future, if you are interested please email Maggie Thorleifson: mthorleifson@everettsd.org .


    TEALS is a grassroots program that recruits, mentors, and places passionate high-tech professionals into high school classes as part-time teachers. The high-tech professional brings his or her subject knowledge and joins a JHS classroom teacher (who has teaching and classroom management expertise) in a team-teaching model. TEALS will provide training for both parties, as well as course outlines based on successful college courses.


    If you or someone you know works in the Computer Science or Software Engineering field and would be willing to help JHS continue to build upon the successes of this Computer Science program you are invited to apply. More information about TEALS is available on their website. We look forward to hearing from applicants.