To get an idea of what AP Environmental Science is all about and prepare for the course, you will need to do the following this summer:

    1. Before the end of the school year check out a textbook Miller: Living in the Environment from the JHS Library.  The library has summer hours (June 24-28, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.)  if you need to pick up the book later.  Click on this Textbook PDF  link if needed. 
    2. Complete the Summer Homework Packet.  A This includes reading Chapters 1 and 2, answering the questions and defining the vocabulary on loose leaf paper (handwritten) and completing the math practice. A digital copy of the packet is available here

    The summer homework represents approximately two weeks of homework in a typical unit.  Your AP Environmental Science teacher will be collecting the Summer Homework packet on Thursday September 12th.   Your teacher’s classroom will be open most days before and after school if you have any questions once school starts. 

    Please email any of the AP Environmental Science teachers this summer if you have any questions or need help.




    Thank you!

    Laura Nelson, Megan Klinich, Katie Krupin