Language! Live

  • This year we are using a program that will help students acquire advanced reading skills to help them perform better in all their classes.

    Language! Live blends personalized, online learning with teacher-led instruction. Your student will be assessed and placed in the level of Language! Live that will enable them to accelerate learning and achieve success. The learning progression of the program will improve your student’s basic decoding and spelling skills, and advanced word analysis.

    In the online component of Language! Live, students will move at their own pace and can work from any location with internet access. They will receive continuous feedback throughout the year on how they are doing.

    In the textbook component, students will build comprehension, vocabulary, language, and writing skills through direct teacher interaction. The instruction in this component is targeted to help them meet grade-level expectations.

    The combination of the two components—online learning and teacher-led instruction—will accelerate your student’s reading and writing skills, and position them to be successful in classwork and in future endeavors.

    What can you do to help?

    1. Encourage reading in your student’s areas of interest.

    2. If online access is available, encourage your student to work in the online component from home.

    3. Inquire about what your student is learning in Language! Live, and foster that learning through discussion and further questioning.

    Together we can help your student improve their reading and writing skills, and set them on a path to success.