• Lab Safety

    We made it through the first full week of school, and students learned all about lab safety this week. Please be on the look out for a salmon-pink colored piece of paper you will need to sign with your child regarding lab safety agreements. I hope you have a HAWKtastic week!

    -Ms. Lothian

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  • 7th Grade Science Expectations, Policies

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Important Information for the 2019-2020 School Year


    Congratulations! You made it to the most important blog post of the school year!

    Here you will find information about class procedures, grading, and what to expect in 7th-grade science. I will be sending home hard copies of important information as things settle down. I will also go over everything in the letter below in detail with your students. 



    This website is the go-to place for all the information you need. Not only is this post with important details, but I also post a weekly reflection of what we did in class.  I will post pictures of activities throughout the month with your permission (on the back page of the sheet your student brought home).


    Students need to bring the following to class everyday:

    -  A composition book (no spirals!) for labs and daily work.

    -  Three-ring binder with a science section divider and notebook paper.

    -  Pencils/pens/erasers/ruler/colored pencils for everyday work.



    -  All students are expected to have their planner/calendar with them everyday, it is essential to their organizational success. This is a way for you to discuss with your child what they did in school for the day, as well as, to help your child successfully complete their assignments on time.


    -  Students are expected to turn in complete quality work. All assignments are to be in Complete sentences that are supported with Observations and/or Data. Your work is all about the Evidence and using it to support your ideas. It is the QUALITY CODE.


    -  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. If you are gone multiple days, please call a classroom buddy or the school for your assignments. You will have one extra day to turn in missing assignments for each day you are absent. Missed labs are to be made up after school, although a few labs will not have that option (this is due to set up constraints).


    -  I keep a bin with all the previous assignments done in my classroom.  If you are missing an assignment, simply look for which number you are missing and find it in the bin. I will also post electronic copies of assignments on Canvas.


    Keep all of your work! Not only do you need it to study for tests and quizzes but it is your insurance in case an error in recording is made. Check online posting of grades and if at any time we do not agree, you can use your graded, returned assignment as proof of completion. I will gladly correct any errors.



    Students might make their own homework by either not finishing work or being absent. See the information that follows about what to do if you don’t finish an assignment or project and what to do if you are absent. Otherwise, I generally do not assign work to be done specifically at home. 


    BEHAVIOR: The classroom expectations reflect the Heatherwood Building Code of Conduct and are designed to provide an environment where all students feel safe and their needs for learning are met. Students are expected to:


    1. Be Responsible and Safe: In a classroom with science labs it is imperative!

                      -  Follow all directions closely. No fooling around allowed!


    1. Be Respectful and Kind: Be kind to yourself and know that things are difficult when you are learning!

                      -  Be respectful of others’ differences and ideas…..no put downs.

                      -  Show polite listening skills to any speaker (student or adult)


    1. Be part of the solution: Be responsible for your actions and materials:

                       -  Be ready for learning everyday...bring your materials and a positive attitude.

                       -  Make good choices in your use of words and actions.

                       -  Always do your best.


    Consequences for misbehavior follow the school’s progressive discipline procedure. The students will initially be encouraged to change the disruptive behavior with a nonverbal cue, followed with a more direct request, if needed. The second incident will result in a conversation and an email home.  The third incident is a referral to the office.


    GRADING: Grades are based on your child’s progress in learning the required science standards and are expressed in points. Points will be weighted as follows:

    60% Summative assignments (tests, end of unit projects/labs/quizzes)

    35% Formative assignments (most labs/projects/quizzes)

     5% Formative assignments (daily work)


     A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79%      D= 60-69%     F= 0-59%


    Retakes/redos of formative assignments ONLY will be accepted within 1 week of the return date. Please contact me for specific details.


    Grades are seen in real time with the on-line program which is accessible through the Heatherwood Web Site, Grade Book Link, and will begin by mid September for parents to track the completion of assignments and their student’s grade.


    TARDIES/GUM:  It is very important that your student is on time for class.  Being consistently tardy means students will miss crucial instructional time.  An email will be sent home if your student is consistently tardy. There is no gum allowed in the science classroom.  This is a safety issue with labs and other equipment in a science classroom.



    Labs are intended to make discoveries about something we might not have covered in class yet, or they reinforce concepts we have taken notes on but not seen occurring in real life. They are fun and collaborative. They cultivate curiosity and allow students to explore and take chances. We are fortunate that the sixth-grade curriculum allows us many opportunities for hands-on labs and activities. In order for this to work, we need strict rules and procedures. Within the first couple weeks of school, I will be sending home the Science Safety sheet that students and parents need to read over and sign showing they understand the rules and procedures. Students will spend time in class reviewing these rules before each lab and practicing safety. No Student will be able to participate in a lab experiment until both the student and parent sign this sheet.




    Warm-ups are done when students first come into class and get settled before the bell rings. We go over the answers to all warm-ups unless it’s a question about your opinion or personal experience and doesn’t necessarily have a correct answer. Warm-ups are IMPORTANT and not just time wasters. Many of the warm-up questions are directly from the upcoming test or quiz. These are important to use as a study guide.



    After the first few tests, I will start offering Study Skills Sessions after school. They are open to any student but highly recommended for those struggling with test taking in any subject area, though I will only be going over science concepts. Study Skills Sessions will be held on specific days, about a week before a test or quiz on a Tuesday or Thursday during Student Success Time. There is an activity bus students can take home when the session ends at 3:45. In these sessions, I go over the material that we’ve covered in class so far and help students go through their notes and pick out important information. I will show them how to make and use flash cards, and give ideas for other study techniques, and give them time to work with other students and ask me questions about anything they find confusing or are struggling with.

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  • Welcome to Ms. Lothian's 7th Grade Science Class Website!

    Welcome to my Class Website!!!!!

    I am so excited to have your student in my science class this year!

    I will be posting the detailed parent letter including grading and policies later today.

    This year we will cover the following topics:

    -  Diversity of Life

    -  Human Body Systems

    -  Space Science

    I will post more information on each topic as we move through the material

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