Online Student Enrollment

  • Our online registration process allows you to register your student for school enrollment from the comfort of your home, and on your own schedule. The recommendations here will help parents be prepared, making the experience as smooth as possible.

    1)      Set aside at least 30 minutes per student to complete the online enrollment form. 

    •  If you have multiple children, the system will give you the option to share some of the information from the first enrollment with following student records, so additional students take less time.
    •  The system saves packets in process, so you can exit and return to complete the process later.

    2)      Have Documents Ready

    •  If you have scanned or photographed copies of your documents, then you can submit them electronically. This can save you a trip into the school office.
    •  If you do not have electronic copies of your documents, you can still register online; you will just need to bring your documentation in to the school to complete your enrollment submission.

    Documents needed for enrollment:           

     i.      Proof of Address: Rental Agreement, Utility bill, etc.

     ii.      Custody and Legal Documents:  Parenting Plans, Guardianship, Emancipation Orders

     iii.      Proof of age (required for Kindergarten):  birth certificate; a religious, hospital, or physician's certificate showing date of birth; a passport; an adoption record; previously verified school records; an affidavit from a parent; an entry in a family Bible; or any other documents permitted by law.

     iv.      Certificate of Immunization Status:  either from WA MyIR or signed by a physician

     v.      Medication Orders (for students who need medications at school).

     vi.      Other, Optional Documents:

              Prior report cards, withdrawal forms, and unofficial transcripts