• When Your Child is Absent Activities Online

    If your child is sick or is going to be absent, please view the following online websites for your child to visit. 


    Online Options (all online options can be accessed if your child logs into the Everett School District website with their lunch number). Students need to then click "student", which then takes them to most sites or options. 
    • i-Ready (Math and Reading)- I will be monitoring today and tomorrow. 45 minutes need to be completed weekly in reading and also in math. Students must also complete two passing lessons in each both reading and math, within the 45 minutes. If students are not passing with a 71% or above, they have to re-do the lesson. Please have your child log their quiz scores in their planners. 
    • Canvas (Your child is able to access i-Ready, MyNGConnect, and Typing Club): 
      • MyNGConnect (Reach for Reading Program)- Your child can log into MyNGConnect and read our next story in Unit 5 (current unit of study), play vocabulary/phonics games that are related to our Unit 5, and watch videos connected to Unit 5. 
      • Typing Club- Have your child spend time completing some Typing Club lessons, so they can practice keeping their hands on "home row" and learning their keys. 
    • XtraMath.org:
      • Your child can log into XtraMath.org and work on math fluency. Most students are in addition to practice, but some students are graduating into subtraction and multiplication. They should attempt one lesson per day, if possible. 
    • Writing: 
      • Your child is able to practice writing a narrative, opinion, or informational paper on any topic they want or on Sound, Family Traditions, or Matter (science). Please have your child begin with a pre-write (brainstorming), then lead into a rough draft where you can spend time revising and editing with your child after they write down their thoughts and sentences, in the end, have your child write a final draft with all corrections. 

    *Visit the file attached to see the directions on how to access each website. Online Options Directions