• i-Ready Math 


    i-Ready math is an online math curriculum that your student can access during our district closure. We were just getting ready to start it next week, however I feel confident that your student can access it with your support.

    When you first access iReady (Directions below) your child will be required to take a diagnostic test. This will determine where they should start with the math lessons. There will be test questions that they will not be able to answer. This is fine! It helps to determine their lesson path. It is important that you don’t help answer the question for them. It may be necessary to help them with taking the test through re-reading the directions or showing them how to answer specific questions. (Remember to not answer the questions for them or to give them the correct answer.)

    If you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to email me as I will be checking email during the closure.


    iReady Log-on information:

    1. Go to this link:

    1. https://clever.com/oauth/ldap/login?target=NTY0ZGZkNzNmMjU3MWUwMTAwMDAwMGJm;NGM2M2MxY2Y2MjNkY2U4MmNhYWM=;aHR0cHM6Ly9jbGV2ZXIuY29tL2luL2F1dGhfY2FsbGJhY2s=;NzIwZDc5ZTg3MmI5NjM5ZDRhZjdhOTFhYTExZTUyODMyNmViZDIzNDI0MWUxYzUxNTIyMDdmMjg0ZTY2OGFiNQ==;Y29kZQ==;

      1. Log in using your student’s information
        1. Your student’s ID number is their username and password
      2. Once in, click on i-Ready and choose math.
      3. Then follow the instructions

      Once your child finishes the diagnostic, lessons will be created for them. They log in the same way and when the choose math, the next lesson will come up. The goal would be 45 minutes a week on i-Ready math.