Helpful Resources

  • AP Exam Preparation Guides

    Each of the AP exam preparation guides listed below can be recommended for use throughout the school year. It's a good idea to purchase one earlier, rather than later, in the school year.

    Don't be misled by thinking a bigger ( as in thicker ) guide will offer you better preparation. You can take practice exams on-line these days, so paying for a bunch of those in a book may not do much for you. Instead, look for how much attention the guide gives to dealing with the writing-based portions of the exam, the FRQ and DBQ.

    Most of these guides are updated annually.  As of 2015, you should avoid older, used guides, because these will not reflect the important changes made to the APUSH exam from 2015 onwards.
    On-Line Resources
    New for 2016-17 :  On-line "MindTap" resources assembled by your teacher for the 16th ( 2016 ) edition of the textbook.  
    In order to access these resources, you much register for the course, using this URL:
    You can also go on-line to the following websites where you can find practice quizzes and flashcard sets that are matched to your textbook !  NOTE:   Be sure you navigate to the 12th edition of The American Pageant, published in 2002.  If you don't, you may have problems matching on-line materials to your own quiz outlines, etc.  The 12th edition is also, by itself, available in digital format online, but will not be supported by other helpful features that accompany more recent online editions ( i.e., the 15th and 16th editions ).



    • Henry, George, AP* Achiever Advanced Placement American History Preparation Guide ( McGraw Hill, 2010 )


    • Krieger, Larry, A.P. U.S. History Crash Course ( REA, 2010 )


    • Meltzer and Bennett, Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam ( Princeton Review, 2010 )


    • Newman and Schmalback, United States History: Preparing for the AP Exam ( 2008 )



    Flash Card Sets


    • Five Steps to a 5 ( McGraw-Hill, 2010 )