• Phase 4 - Graded!!!

    2nd notebook check will be on weeks 4 and 5 and will be due on 5/22/2020

    Email me if you have any questions. There will be no Zoom meetings. 

    This is a link to the calendar of topics that we will cover for the rest of the year.  Topics and dates



    1. I will post one topic per week from the Geometry calendar (see topics and dates link above)

    2. I will post videos on the topics for you to watch. I want you to take notes on the videos It's a good idea to watch the video several times if things are difficult for you.

    3. I will post links from Khan Academy. Sign into Khan Academy so you will get credit for doing the work. You will need to do the entire section posted for the week. (When Phase 4 is implemented, you will get credit for completion not how many you got right/wrong) 


    If you are just joining this distance learning party, please start at week 1. (For learning purposes, not grading)

    Week 1 - Right Triangle Trig part 1 - Vocab/Trig ratios and missing sides           DUE 4/26/2020

    Videos    #1      #2

    Practice #1       #2


    Week 2 - Right Triangle Trig part 2 - Sine/Cosine of Complementary Angles - Due 5/3/2020

     Video #1

    Practice #1


    Week 3 - Right Triangle, Part 3 - Missing angles - Due 5/8/2020

    Video  #1

    Practice #1


    Week 4 -Right triangle trig - application and review - Due 5/15/2020

    Video #1

    Practice #1 (Scroll down to the first "Start" do every practice in section and the unit test


    Week 5 - Measurement and Dimensions using Volume - Due 5/22/2020

    Video #1  (Also google search these figures and write down the volume formulas for each: prism, pyramid, cone, sphere)

    Practice #1   #2    #3


    Week 6 - Cross Sections and 2D rotations

    Video #1  #2  #3

    Practice #1  #2  #3



    Video #1    #2 

    Practice #1 (Do everything up to and including Quiz 2)