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    Additional Resources - Craving a little more Biology?  Here are some resources for you to check out!

    We have been using Bozeman Science videos all year long.  This is the website that shows the videos and how they are connected to each Big Idea in APES.


    National Geographic

    This is a great website for students to explore the world around us.  Pick and article each day and read!



    AP Environmental Science 

    What is it? The goal of the AP Environmental Science course is to provide students with the opportunity study interrelationships of the natural world, identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, evaluate the risks of these problems, and examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them. 

    Environmental Science is interdisciplinary and will emphasize the following themes:  

    • Science is a process. 
    • Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes. 
    • The Earth is one interconnected system. 
    • Humans alter natural systems. 
    • Environmental problems have a cultural and social context. 
    • Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems.


    Why take it? AP Environmental Science will provide you with a challenging, but fun platform to explore important issues that are affecting our world today.  It includes lab experiences, field trips, discussions, and other hands-on experiences to support your learning of important concepts that affect our lives today.  

    What credit do I get?  You get a lot!  It counts as a CTE and science credit.  If you take the AP Exam and pass with a 3 you may receive college credit.  You also could get EVCC College in the High School credit if you are a sophomore or above.