Student Work for June 8-12



    Tuesday May 26th


     Monday May 18th

    The link below is the student work for the week of May 18th -22nd.  There is no school This coming Friday or the following Monday, so your child does not have to login to the google classroom to work.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Student Work for May 18th-22nd


    Monday May 11th,


    Student Work May 11th-15th

    Monday, May 4th


    The link below is the student work for the week of May 4-8th.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

    Student work for May 4-8th


    Monday April 27th

    The link below will share with you what your students can be working on this week.

    Student work April 27-May 1



    Days of week of  




    Social Studies  


    Gold packet page 200-20, blue packet Performance Task 2 (Community Garden), iReady math. 

    Digital Daily Language Review. This is uploaded in the classroom. Please only complete Monday (the date is in red on the slide) Bright blue packet- Reading Review Centers- Point of View 1-4 (Musical Instruments, Field Trips, I-pads, & Junk Food), iReady reading.   

    Daily Writing Journal (in Google Classroom)  



    Green packet page 220-221- remember to use paper to help solve. Also work on iReady math. 

    Daily Language Review. Please only complete Tuesday (the date is in red on the slide) Light blue- Author's Purpose Activity complete #1-10 (front & back) & iReady reading. 

    Daily Writing Journal  

    Washington State History lesson- Americans in Washington, this document is loaded in the Google Classroom. Please read the directions on slide 2, Americans in Washington is due Wednesday, April 22. (slides 3-5). This is a working document and does not need to be turned in until we have completed all the slides. 


    Green packet page 222-223- remember to use paper to help solve. Write your own division story problem and share it in the comments below. 

    Daily Language Review. Please only complete Wednesday (the date is in red on the slide). Bright blue packet- Cause & Effect 1-4 (Homework, Rain, A Leaf, & Exploration), work on taking an AR test. 

    Daily Writing Journal 


    Be sure to complete Americans in Washington slides 3-5 (do NOT turn it in yet). 


    Green packet page 248-251- remember to use paper to help solve. Work on iReady also. 

    Daily Language Review. Please only complete Thursday (the date is in red on the slide). Light blue packet- Inferences worksheet #1-10, iReady reading. 

    Daily Writing Journal  

    Washington State History lesson- The Mexican War, slides 6-7- Due today (do not turn in yet) 



    Green packet page 252-253, iReady math- be sure to have the 45 minutes a week. 

    Daily Language Review. Please only complete Friday (the date is in red on the slide). Tan packet page 70-71 & 74-75. Be sure to have your 45 minutes of iReady reading also. 

    Daily Writing Journal  


    Book report and AR goals are due next Friday. Be sure they have taken an AR test & passed on the chapter book related to their report. AR goals are 5 points, 2 nonfictions, 1-chapter book, 80% accuracy or above 




     Monday, March 30, 2020

    Dear Families, 

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this remote learning time. I want to best support you during this unusual and possible stressful time we are going through. I have created a parent survey to gather some information on how to best contact you, questions about setting up Zoom video chats with your child and other supports you may need. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time by using my school email. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to reading your responses on the survey.  

    Below is a link to the Google survey I created.

    Parent Information Survey


    Tuesday March 17, 2020 

    During the time the school is closed, I will be uploading different learning tasks in our Google Classroom daily. Most of the tasks will be from the flexible learning packet that was sent home with students. Each day I will give them instructions on which color packet to work from. Any new information on my website will be in blue. 

    When logging in to Google Classroom from home, go to the Whittier homepage, click students, then Google apps for Education. It will then prompt you to log in using a username and password. After you have entered your log in information, you will click classroom on the left side, then it will bring up my classroom. 

    Username: students ID#@apps.everettsd.org (ex:12345@apps.everettsd.org) 

    Password: your child's schools computer password (usually students ID#) 

    On my welcome page of my website, under quick links I have added a link for students’ engagement in learning information from our Learning Management Services (LMS), be sure to click Elementary School to find the appropriate information.  


    It is important to create a learning space where you can go to find all your school materials, books, and free of distractions. You are working toward building more independent work habits. This is a time to have a positive growth mindset, perseverance, and grit.

    Parents or guardians, please support and encourage your student to help them grow as learners. Your child was given a packet of math & ELA materials they can be working on during this time. There is a wide variety of skills within the packet that has been covered in class this school year. Students also took home their interactive math journals to use as a guide if they need additional support.


    Daily goals:

    • 30 minutes of reading your chapter or nonfiction book
    • Working on your flexible learning packets
    • 1 technology activity located in Quick links

    Weekly goals:

    • 45 minutes of each iReady reading & math
    • Taking an AR test
    • Work on March book report
    • TypingClub

    Continue to check my website under Flexible Learning 2020 for any new academic updates.

    It is important to have a structured learning time during the day. Students should not sit working on the packet for longs periods of time. I have uploaded quick links on my website to include other forms of learning. The picture is a guide for creating a daily schedule. Make adjustments that work for you and your family. Remember this is just a suggestion to help set your day up.


    Covid schedule