At Home Engagement 3/16-6/17

  • 6/8/2020

    Hello Preschool Families,


    I hope you had another wonderful weekend!


    1) Attached is the weekly engagement survey:

    please turn it in by Thursday, June 11th by 4 pm.


    2) Attached in your email are the weekly suggestions: the theme for this week is summer!


    3) As noted in last weeks email, our last day of Zoom will be June 17th.During this Zoom we will celebrate a wonderful year through viewing an end of the year powerpoint for both AM and PM sessions, as well as our graduating class powerpoint I put together. I will send them as attachments in the morning, but will present it on the last day of zoom during our read aloud at 1:00.


    4) If you have pictures that you would like me to add to the end of the year powerpoint (any pictures taken at a birthday party where the class was invited or a playdate that was had outside of the classroom) or pictures for the graduation powerpoint please send them to me!

    5) Wednesday, June 17th is the day to turn in chromebooks at TCE if you rented one from our school from 9:00-10:30 am.

    As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any further supports. I am happy to help and support you when you need it!


  • 6/1/2020

    Good morning Preschool Families,


    1) Attached is the link to the weekly engagement survey. Please fill it out by Thursday 6/1 at 4pm.


    2) In the attachment of your email you will find our weekly suggestions: the theme is still ocean animals!


    3)FOR PRESCHOOLERS RISING TO KINDER: Just got word from our Sped director that registration for kindergarten will no longer needed to be turned in as your students are already enrolled!  Again, there is no need for any more paperwork to be turned in for our soon to be kindergarteners and families. When the school year starts in the fall however they will be sending home an update sheet if any changes to update contact info is needed or immunizations were added and what not. I will be following up with the schools in which your Kindergarteners will be going to and making sure that their paperwork is received and transferred over from TCE if they are switching schools/programs next year.


    4) FOR PRESCHOOLERS RISING TO KINDER: Please also send me pictures of your child as I am creating a graduation powerpoint for all of my soon to be kindergarteners.


    5) The Flipgrid for this week is: Share with us something that is special to you! It could be a toy, a person, a place in your house, a book and etc.


    6) Just got word our last day of preschool will be Wednesday, June 17th, that will be our last day of school/zoom.


    As always, thank you for your continued support and engagement at home.


    Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any supports😊 That is what I am here for!


  • 5/26/2020

    Hello Preschool Families,


    I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with lots of food and quality time with family😊


    1) Below is the link to our weekly engagement survey. Like I said before, this is the district’s way of tracking attendance so please make sure you get these forms in before Thursday at 4 PM.


    2)Attached in your email are our weekly suggestions, the theme for this week is Ocean!


    3)I added a few more materials to the behavior supports section of our one drive I wanted to include some more visuals and routine/strategies if you are seeing some a change in behaviors at home with your child. I know not having school and the routine of that can be difficult on families, so these supports might be helpful.  There are digital first then boards, I want _ contingency plans, and much much more. You can find it in the visuals and behavior supports folder of our one drive and then it is in it’s own little folder: “Navigating Problem Behaviors and Resources”.


    I also added the past printables (If you have a printer) and want to re-practice past skills that were introduced earlier into distance learning- using paper and pencil/crayons/ or markers.


    4)If you indicated that you were picking up your child’s belongings that time is on Wednesday, May 27th from 1:30- 3:00 PM. If this time does not work for you, we can try to schedule another time and work with our admin in the building for a later date if that is possible. Chrome books will be collected later this year, I am still trying to receive direction from our administrators on that piece so hold tight as that information will come to you at a later date. Again, you are NOT permitted into the classroom, there will be directions to follow upon arriving to school. You will receive a bag with your child’s name on it with everything that we could find in the classroom including extra clothes, diapers, workbooks, and extra artworks.


    Thank you for your continued support and engagement at home. Please reach out to me for any further supports that you might need, I am here to support your child as much as I can remotely!


  •  5/18/2020

    Hello Preschool Families,


    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am missing your kiddos so much, so please give them a tight hug for me today! 😊


    1) Weekly Engagement Survey: Below is the weekly engagement survey. Please submit by Thursday at 4pm. The district is tracking attendance through engagement, so please know that the submission of this form contributes to tracking your child’s attendance.


    2) Weekly Suggestions: Attached in your email are the weekly suggestions for the week of 5/18-5/21. The links to the zooms can be found on the second page.


    3) Boom Cards: It’s wonderful to see your students interacting with the boom cards. These are a great way for our kiddos to stay engaged with preschool concepts and practicing letter, number, shape identification as well as big, small, making and extending patterns and etc.


    4)Virtual Hang Outs!: We welcome parents to set up virtual hang outs as it is a great, great way for our kiddos to get to interact with their peers. If you are interested in setting up virtual hang outs for your child with another child in our class, please insert your information. Inputting your information gives your permission for me to share this information with other parents in our developmental preschool. I will make this document editable for everyone so you can see it in real time and make edits or go back to check if someone has added their information to the document. Once you have the information feel free to set up a date via email with other parents! (Document can be found in your email). 


    5). Some new information about picking up student belongings: We do have some student belongings including extra clothes, extra diapers and etc. in our classroom.  We are including some artwork that was left in the classroom as well as handwriting without tears coloring books, and for PM session —writing stories notebooks. 

    If you would like to pick your child’s belongings up--- you can on Wednesday, May 27th from 1:30-3:00 pm.

    If I have your student next year and you are fine with leaving them in the classroom, I am happy to keep them stored where they already are. Bags will be prepared and be ran by a volunteer from the school when you arrive, you will give last name and then first name and the runner will run, grab the bag, and return it to you. You will NOT be able to go into the classroom directly. If you want to pick up, please respond to the engagement survey question #5 that you will be picking up your student’s belongings on May 27th from 1:30-3:00 pm. If you do not respond, I assume that you are fine leaving it in the classroom.


    6). The Flipgrid question this week is: What do you do on a sunny day?



    Looking forward to seeing you and your students on Zoom this week😊 Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further supports.


  • 5/11/2020

    Hi Preschool Families,


    Hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful sun that was out! Happy Mother’s day to all of you wonderful mothers out there. It’s been an absolute joy collaborating with you and I am completely amazed by what you inspiring mothers do every day. So thank you for being the absolute best moms out there!  😊


    Below is the link to the weekly engagement at home survey, please fill it out before Thursday at 4 pm.



    Attached in your email are our weekly suggestions. The theme is transportation.


    A few updates:

    I talked to many of you last zoom meeting about Boom Cards. The URL to these are added to the weekly suggestions in the top right box of the document. Please take some time to explore this platform as it is super easy to navigate and can help students really fine tune a lot of different preschool concepts such as letter or number identification, big or small, patterns, categories, and much much more!


    I have updated a new topic on the flip grid! Draw a picture of yourself and share with us a story of what you are doing in that picture.


    Thank you for all your support at home. Please reach out to me if you need any other supports!


  • 5/4/2020

    Hello Preschool families,


    I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Below is the link to the weekly survey.

    Please fill this out before Thursday, May 7th at 4pm.


    Attached are the weekly suggestions. We are still learning about the Farm and Farm Animals😊 I added another url to a platform called Pink Cat Games: there are many different games that focus on matching letters, identifying shapes, colors, numbers and letters. You can find this underneath the “Literacy” row of the weekly suggested learning document. When you click on that link, you are then prompted to “groups” or “students”: you can click either: “TCE DPK” under groups or your child’s name under “students”.  Here is the link to the classroom one drive:



    I welcome you to post videos to Ms. Karen’s and I’s flipgrid as this gives us good insight to what and how your children are doing towards their goals and learning. If you don’t want to send videos through the flipgrid platform, please send me pictures via email!  For those of you who have been posting, THANK YOU as it has been so fun being able to see what your kiddos are up to at home and how you are continuing their learning. It also has been fun for other kids to see their peers and what they are doing too! 


    It has brought me so much joy to see your kiddos on zoom everyday and interact with them. Our zoom links can be found on the second page of the weekly suggestions (attached in your email).


    As always, thank you so much for your support at home. I am amazed everyday by all of the wonderful things you are doing with your children! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for further supports, guidance, or help! I am here to support your child as much as I can remotely😊


  • 4/27/2020

    Good morning Preschool Families,


    To start off your Monday morning, here is a link to a special video created by the Tambark Creek Staff:


    1) Here is the link to our weekly survey:

    You may fill this out any day before Thursday at 3:00 PM.

    and as always again my one drive: Ms. Magenta's One Drive DPK Resources - use your email, that i usually contact you through to access. 


    2) Attached are our weekly suggestions for the week of 4/27-4/30. This week we will be learning about the Farm and Farm animals! You can find the weekly zoom links on the second page of the weekly suggestions. Karen and I are encouraging you to post to our flipgrids! (attachment in your email) 


    3) If we had our CLP meeting last week, I am trying my best to get all of the paperwork finalized and written so that I can return copy to you at the end of this week, so hold tight!


    4) As promised during some of your CLPs, access to extra print materials and pdf interactives were discussed: if you have access to a printer I am providing materials that you can print and also some pdf interactives (no need for a printer) that work on finetuning some preschool learning targets: counting to 5, big or small, categories, shape match, letter match, number match and etc. I will only be posting a few a week. These can be found in the bottom left of the weekly suggestions.


    Again, please remember that these are only just suggestions and that we are recommending preschoolers are committed to learning for 30 minutes per day. Whatever works for YOU, if that looks like just participating in the zoom calls, or free/carpet time play, reading a book to your child and etc. then that’s okay!  I cannot stress the importance of a schedule and routine enough. So please do your best to create some normalcy in your child’s day because children at this age thrive on routine. Its not about recreating their whole entire school schedule while you are working from home. That is unreasonable. But approximating a familiar-ish schedule, especially in respect to eating and sleeping. Students at this age are just learning self-control, and if you stray too far away from routines, you’re asking them to sustain that self-control without offering scaffolds or supports like they’re used to in the preschool setting. Give yourself some grace, this time is difficult for everyone. I am here for you and your child! We are in this together!


    Please reach out to me if you need further supports😊



  • 4/20/2020

    Hello Preschool Families,


    Please fill out the survey ASAP for this week!(you can find the link in your email).


    1.) You may have gotten an email from Dr. Saltzman. If you didn’t, I am attaching the document as an attachment. You can find the suggested schedule for preschoolers by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the document. I want to reiterate to families that these are just suggestions, every family and circumstance is different so please remember to make it work for you. It will look differently for every family and we want to acknowledge that. According to the OSPI, the recommended guidelines for MAXIMUM student engagement/commitment each day for preschoolers and kindergarteners through printed learning materials, online programs, or a combination of both… is 30 minutes per day. This is developmentally appropriate for our students. So please know that you are doing all that you guys can, I don’t want you all to worry or put loads of pressure on yourself. This time is completely unprecedented and I am here to support and guide your child through this difficult time in the best way that I can.


    2.) Per district policy, we as special educators are now expected to create a “continuous learning plan” for each of our students who receive special education. To clarify, there will be no difference in the way that I am already providing instruction to your students. I will continue to provide access to materials through my one drive in the form of resources, activities, parent handouts, visuals, websites resources, zoom meetings, read alouds as well as continue to reach out to you and provide supports when requested—this plan is just a way to formalize what we have already been doing for the past month. It is not an amendment to your child’s IEP, but it is a way to document each modality and supports given. The continuous learning plan is not  a replication of the current IEP or current IEP goals, a minute by minute replication of in-school programming, an exhaustive list of accommodations or modifications or intended to overwhelm families as distance learning is not the ideal learning environment for any of our students. As I prepare this plan for each one of your kiddos, I will be asking you to meet over the phone, email or zoom to go over the continuous learning plan because you are a part of the plan as well in documenting what modes work the best for your family. I will be trying to schedule a time to speak with each of you about these plans near the end of this week and maybe moving into next week. You can fill out your preferences to meet about the CLP this week on the survey.


    3.)Attached you can find the weekly suggestions for 4/20-4/23. You can also find the links for zooms in the second page to the attachment for each daily online event.


    4.) Reminder about flipgrid: Please turn in your consents to start interacting with this platform! I will also be posting some fun videos through this as well! It’s a great way for our students to see their peers!


  • 4/13/2020

    Hi Preschool Families,

    As you may have already heard, Governor Inslee announced on Monday April 6th school will be closed for the remainder of the year for the safety of all. I am overwhelmed by sadness to know that I will not be able to teach any of your wonderful kiddos in person for the rest of this school year. I miss them all SO much.  As our district navigates this news, please be patient with us as educators for we will be awaiting communication from the district of more specifics and how we will move forward. I will keep you updated with information pertaining communication about our district and what the remainder of the school will look like .


    First, starting today, I am asking you to fill out a weekly survey. This will be a way for me to see how each student is engaging at home. It will also give me an opportunity to check in with families, see what families are finding most helpful, and where families might need more support. If you are unable to access this form, please send me an email saying that your child was present and engaging with at home materials. You can do this any day of the week, just as long as it is before Thursday at 4 pm. There will be a new survey sent out every Monday morning correlating to the week.  (you can find the link in your email)


    In my one drive/office 365 folder you can find the suggested activities for 4/13-4/16, we are learning about flowers and plants! – all links within the doc are clickable and direct you to each document that relates in the one drive or further to a website. Its like a one-stop shop😊


    I hope you all had a restful spring break at home and got to spend time outside with your kiddos. Attached again is the link to my one drive/office 365 folder for engagement at home with your preschooler.


    *Some additional things that I’ve added, resources and articles for parents about different topics, social stories that you can use about a variety of topics (schools being closed, social distancing, taking turns, schoolwork at home, washing hands and etc.), do-it-yourself sensory based materials, and math/reading learning choice boards. Most importantly, I’ve added a new and improved circle time that is a lot more interactive specific to this week—so please check that out.


    * Our OT, Karen Wolfe-Fritz has included her suggestions in the weekly 4/13-4/16 document in the OT suggestions section of the table.  She has pre-recorded videos to help our students play “stop” & “go”, jump, go fast and slow and much more. You may also find fine motor videos on her website as well! She has also included 2 different yoga coloring pages (you can practice the pose with your family and then color the page)


    *Our SLP, Amy Beagle has included her suggestions in the weekly 4/13-4/16 document in the SLP suggestions section of the table. The core word of the week is “what” and activities that correlate throughout the week with our word “what”. There is also a section you will find for additional SLP goals that will support other goals beneath that table. Furthermore, Amy is asking for pictures to make a powerpoint book: please send pictures of your child “in”, “on” AND “under” something.

     Below are our online events for the week. 



    I’ve added a few zoom read aloud sessions: for these sessions I will keep the students muted for the whole entire session, say hello, read the book (this week with screensharing as I need to pick up many of my books from my classroom!), and then say goodbye.


  • 3/30/2020

    Good morning,


    Thank you to all of you who were able to fill out the survey as it has given us a good picture of how we can better support you.

    If you asked for visuals or more support I will be contacting you individually. If you have not filled it out, the survey is still open to participate in!


    We understand that this time has been difficult and many of you are working from home at the same time as trying to help not just your preschooler but their siblings at home engage with materials too! So give yourself some grace and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more support. Remember that the materials and activities I send are just suggestions and you can make them work for you (if it’s one activity a day, half of the suggested schedule, or the whole schedule) in your day and with your family as you see fits best. Every home and family is different and we want to acknowledge that. Your family and health comes first so please remember that.

    Again, here is the link to the One drive / office 365 materials for At home engagement:

    In this folder you can find a sample schedule, visuals, sample activities, skills practice, mini circle time suggestions, weekly activity suggestions and much much more! I will be adding things weekly to this folder.

    TCE DPK OneDrive/Office 365 Engagement Materials Folder

    (let me know if you are unable to access it).


    I am offering class zoom meetings on Mondays and Thursdays(starting Monday, March 30th)

    at 1:00-1:30 for our AM Session

    at 1:30-2:00 for our PM Session

    These zoom sessions are optional and will just be check in’s giving our students an opportunity to see their classmates, paras, and teachers (saying hello, catching up about what we are doing at home, and etc.). You can participate in both days a week, one day a week, or once bi-weekly etc.


    Reminder: Spring Break is the week of April 6th-10th so no materials will be going home to families that week nor will there be zoom meetings offered.

    Here is the weekly suggested plan

    TCE DK Weekly Suggested Plan 3.30 4.2

    You can find the powerpoint of what our friends are doing at home in the onedrive/office 365 folder! 

    Thanks so much for all your support at home. 


  • 3/23/2020 

    Hi Preschool Families, 

    Attached below is the link to my one drive/office 365 to the at home materials. 

    TCE DPK At Home Learning Materials

    *new added materials* 

    -Core Communication Board (we use this in our classroom daily to help aid our students language in labeling, requesting or terminating an activity)

    -Token Boards (this is used to motivate a child to complete an activity or reinforce their understanding to master a skill)


    This week, I have included a suggestion of specific activities, songs, books, or recipes you can do at home. Before the closure, we were beginning our learning about insects. 

    Week of 3.23 3.26 Suggestions for At Home Learning

     I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy, and happy! I am missing your kiddos so much!! 



    Hi Preschool Families,

    UPDATE: I have sent materials, resources, activities and engagement opportunities for at home learning through a link via my one drive account to your email (the email that I normally contact you through). I want to provide support and guidance as much as I can remotely. I will be adding more resources on my website throughout these next weeks with specific activities, suggestions, and handouts as I continue to learn how to best support your child at home through district online training and collaboration with other team members.  Our goal is to not replicate classroom instruction, but to maintain skills and promote meaningful activities to reinforce or extend current learning per district policy. I appreciate your patience as we navigate this difficult time. If you have difficulty accessing this link, please email me and I can individually send you the materials. 

    Here is the link: 



    Please know that I am thinking about all of your kiddos and families. Stay safe!


    Below is a link that the district has provided with some activities that you can do at home with your child. 

    At Home Learning

    *Please refer to the preschool clickable box as well as the special programs clickable box. 

    My site will be updated throughout these upcoming weeks with more specific activities and suggestions to engage your child at home. 


    3/16/2020 At Home Engagement Intro Letter

    Students: Will try their best to engage and interact with the activities provided in the preschool schedule from at home (you can find this in my one drive/office 365 folder). Distance learning is not an ideal learning environment for preschool students, or any student. It is understandable if the students struggle during this time without structure. Please reach out to me if your child is having a hard time.

    Parents: Try your best to assist your child with their learning during this time. Check your email, my classroom website linked to my One drive/Office 365 folder often. I understand you are not teachers, and I am not expecting you to know everything to do during this time. I will try my best to provide you with as much guidance as possible. Please be patient with your child. This is hard for everyone. Lastly, please provide as much routine as possible for your child. Not having school, a routine and a schedule is hard. 

    Teacher: I will try my best to provide as much guidance and material as possible. I am here for all questions/concerns. If you feel I am not providing enough information, PLEASE let me know. If I find the format of learning that I am trying out isn’t working, I might change it. Please be patient.



    No question is a bad question at this time. Please use this link to ask your general questions so I can provide everyone with the answers:

    If you have specific questions that only pertain to your child, please email me and we will talk!



    I will contact you specifically about IEP meetings that were scheduled prior to school closure. Depending on your comfortability we are going to offer IEP meetings via phone call or video chat.  We can handle this on a case by case basis, but I will inform you with more information as we figure out how to navigate meeting with parents as a team.


    Every attempt will be made to hold re-evaluation meetings and IEP meetings on their timelines. If, by chance, the closure extends beyond the original date of April 24th, I will directly contact families to discuss our options for re-evaluations and IEP meetings. 


    Contact Hours:

    I will be generally available all day from 830-3:30 Monday through Friday. Please reach out individually via email.