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    Posted by Danielle Durand on 3/16/2020

    As you embark on this journey of learning with your child over the next few weeks we thought it might be a good idea and helpful to have a outlined schedule of what the learing might look like at home! We have also attached a active powerpoint (google Slides Link), which will be updated frequently, with the daily "assignments" or recommendations for the days routine. Our hope is that your child has one and a half to two hour days of structured learning. Please reach out with any questions or concerns! 


    Google Slides Link

    Morning Routine: 

    15 minuets of time spent on the Leveled reading packet (completing 1 page) 

    *This packet when home in first graders work folders and is a reading packet at their learning/reading level





    1. 15 to 20 minuets of iReady math (students should be working to complete one lesson during this time getting 80% or higher) 
    2. Students should then complete 1 page front and back of their math packets, completing the common core learning and the quick check learning as well. 

    *This packet went home in students folders, if you need a copy of the day's worksheet please reach out and I can send them your way 





    15-20 minuets of reading (reading to self, reading to someone or listening to reading.) If a book has an AR test, take an AR text on that book.

    *Some great websites for listening to reading include: Epicbooks, Razkids, and Storybook Online! 


    If you would like to extend the learning other activities may include: 

    • Mystery Science activites
    • Destiny Games
    • Outdoor play/nature walks
    • Virtual Feild Trips (link on teacher site)
    • Research through Pebble Go (Link in teacher sight) 
    • Board games, Puzzles, legos Etc...



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