Course Expectations

  • No student has the right to interfere with the learning, safety OR well-being of another.

    WHAT IT IS: Positive attitude and caring treatment of self, fellow students and teacher's space, work, thoughts and opinions.


    • BE PROMPT: Be in your seat, be quiet and be starting to work on daily starter activity when class begins. Complete all assignments on time.
    • BE PREPARED: Bring your notebook, paper, and something to write with every day. Also be sure to bring other necessary materials (AR book, etc.) Know your due dates and turn in all work on time.
    • BE POLITE: Raise your hand if you want to speak or ask a question, and please wait quietly until you are called on. I will do my best to answer everyone's questions and include everyone in the discussion. This will not work, however, if we do not take turns. Politeness also means listening carefully when the teacher or another student is talking or presenting to the class. Leave the room CLEANER than you found it. ALWAYS clean up after yourself and help others clean.
    • BE PRODUCTIVE: (PARTICIPATE) Be considerate of other people's learning and work quietly while you are in the classroom. When you have been given an assignment or task in class, you must be working on it during class time.
    • Sorry - ALL eating, drinking and gum must be saved for outside class. Except bottled water.
    • Bandanas (worn any style), hats or other non-religious head coverings are not allowed.

    No Cell phones or music players are to be out in class at any time.  Please advise your student to keep their electronic devices out of sight.  Thank you!!