• Below is the schedule my first grader is following (why did I not do this in the summer?), he loves it and is adhering strictly!

    7AM Breakfast

    7:30 Reading/Writing/Social Studies

    He has a phonics book, a packet from his teacher, and does 20 minutes of independent reading. We will continue to make this time engaging and fun too. 

    8:30 Free Play

    9:30 iready reading (This will alternate every other day with shower time;))

    10:00 Snack

    10:30 Crafts

    11:00 Movement

    11:40 Story time (4th and 5th graders still love listening to someone read to them!) In my class while I am reading they color or draw. 

    12:00 lunch

    12:30 math/science (math includes worksheets, games, prodigy, and iReady) Science will include experiments and using Mystery Science which I plan to post lessons from once I get it down.

    2:00 Outdoor play

    3:00 cooking/snack

    4:00 games and puzzles

    5:00 Free play

    6:00 Dinner

    6:30 Free play/tech time

    7:20 TV time/bedtime routine

    9:00 Bedtime

    Obviously this is an outline and will be adjusted if we want to take a family hike or go for a walk on the Centennial trail. More important than anything is to find a schedule that works for both you and your child. Get them excited about their new mode of learning!  

    Movement ideas: dance party, obstacle course, exercises, walking, hiking, yoga

    Cooking: homemade pizza, popsicles, cereal bars, stovetop popcorn, play dough, slime, applesauce, fruit salad

    Games: playing cards, hide and seek, board games (if you need to borrow some let me know and I can meet you at the school, I have tons!), charades

    Crafts: collages, painting, cardboard box creations, scrapbooking, beading(I have these in my class as well), sewing

    Free Play: legos, make a fort, puppet show, dramatic play, build a city, create a maze

    Story Time: They can tune in to my read aloud channel on youTube, read alouds from parents or older siblings, etc. 

    Outdoor: Ride bikes, nature walk, scavenger hunt, chalk, jump rope, sports/races