• Ms. Frank (425)385-7179Prep Period is 3rd period 9:20-10:15

    E-Mail: PFrank@everettsd.org



    Readingis 3 is a class where the students will be reading both classroom/whole groupselections and individual interest selections. They will be expected to read a 20-30 minutes each day after school and inclass based on their individual education plans.  Because reading a part of balanced literacy,some writing will be expected and assigned. Students with disabilities inwritten language will be assessed and graded using their individual educationplan, (IEP) accommodations and goals.


    Grading Policy:


    Grades are available on line for parents and students toreview 24 hours a day.    You must first register into the system as itis confidential information.  Parents andstudents that were in the system last year are still in the system.  Just log in at https://ims.everett.k12.wa.us/


    Student Directions toregister for the first time go to https://ims.everett.k12.wa.us/Students/Registeron future visits go to: https://ims.everett.k12.wa.us/.


    If you do not have access to the internet, I will provide a paper copyof the student’s progress reports upon request. 


    Reading 3 Grades:


    The grades and the weight of each individual grade will beas follows:

    92-100             A

    90-91               A-

    88-89               B+

    82-87               B

    80-81               B-

    78-79               C+

    72-77               C

    70-71               C-

    68-69               D+

    62-67               D

    61-60               D-

    Below a 60      F


    Progress toward Individual Education Goals will account for25% of grade

    Assignments and projects will account for 25% of grade.

    Participation will account for 10%

    Tests and Quizzes will account for 40%

    *Some students due to IEP accommodations are eligible for Sgrades



    1. Come to class with a positive attitude and ready to work
    2. Follow directions
    3. Use appropriate language
    4. Respect your peers and teaching staff
    5. Stay on task


    Student Attendance Is Related ToThe Grading Of This Course!!


    The Jackson High School AttendancePolicy will be followed.  See studenthandbook for details.  Class starts whenthe bell rings-any student entering class after the bell will be consideredtardy.  Consistent attendance in schoolis required by the State of Washington.  Learning and the path to graduation can onlytake place when in school.  If absencesaccumulate, the Becca Bill will be filed accordingly.  Students will be allowed to make up missingassignments.  They will be allowed thesame number of days to complete the missing work as the days they were absent.  Ifabsent, it is your responsibility to seek out the information and materialsneeded to make up the work you missed the day that you return to class.  Deadlines set prior to the date of absencestill stand; therefore, if an assignment is assigned on Monday with a duedate of Wednesday and you are absent on Tuesday, the assignment is due on Wednesdayor the day that you return from being absent.