• Week 2, beginning  March 30, 2020 

    Welcome to the Parent Page.  Anything new I will use a red color text. Our focus is now changing to learning as well as retaining skills.  As parents, these are uncertain times and learning may be the last thing on your mind.  At this point I am just trying to connect with parents and students to see how you are all doing and what equipment you may have and need. 

    I would like to try holding a weekly ZOOM meeting every Tuesday at 10:00.  That would be a great way for students to connect with each other and with all of their teachers.  I will send you an invite by email.  You will get a reminder about 15 minutes before the meeting.  Click on the join zoom meeting link. Once the window changes, click the blue cancel button, then click the download & run ZOOM blue link in the middle of the page.  When you do that, a link opens at the left hand bottom of the screen.  Click the small arrow to the right and then click open.  You will soon get a message that says 'meeting will begin' or 'waiting for host'.  Then you will join with video.  Once in, you have the option of turning off your video.

    I am going to put a couple of assignments on the student page.  These are not difficult and won't require technology.  

    QuickLinks, on the right side of the website, has many sites your student is familiar with and visits daily.  For many, student logins (username and password) are their student number.  If you experience any difficulty, please email me.

    The Student Engagement site is prepared by Special Services.  As you scroll down, you will see some of the same links as on my website.  Tar Heel Readers is new to them, but easy to navigate.  There are many topics and stories uploaded by students and teachers.  The pictures are great and simple text.  Another link for them to explore would be the News2U (link -story one- found in family guidance paragraph below Tar Heel Reader).  It is a weekly current events newsletter with text supported by symbols.  There are also activities for each article , joke page, crossword puzzle page, and sometimes a cooking page.

    I would suggest setting up a simple schedule for learning.  Remember to include breaks for exercise and maybe a snack.  We do reading and writing in the morning and AR and math in the afternoon.  Perhaps, students could do one worksheet for each subject.  The chapter books for some and picture books for others that I included in your packets are AR levelled.

    We are expected to hold IEP meetings during the closure, either by phone or ZOOM.  If your student has an upcoming IEP, I will notify you by email or by phone.  

    I will be posting new ideas and things to do, some with technology and some not.  Please stay safe and stay tuned!