Student Engagement Materials (3/16 - 6/18)

  • The links and materials posted under this section are for students in my modifed Social Skills and modifed English Language Arts classes. Please use the navigation bar to the left to find the appropriate class. Changes or additions will be made to these materials on an as-needed basis. 


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Q & A

  • Q: What should I do if I can't remember my username and password for Language! Live and Vocab Journey?

    A: Send me an email at and I will reply with your login information.

    Q: Before the school closure you mentioned that we should stop when we reach unit 9 on Word Training. Is that still true?

    A: No. Things are constantly changing and the extension of the school closure has shifted the plan a little bit. Please feel free to complete as many units on Word Training as you would like as long as you are only spending about 15 minutes a day in the program. If you finish all of the units: Great! If you don't: No problem!

    Q: Are you keeping track of which students are logging onto Language! Live and Vocab Journey each day? 

    A: Yes. I check Language! Live and Vocab Journey every evening (Monday - Friday) at 9:45 pm. Please be sure to complete your participation minutes prior to that time or they will not be counted for that day. 

    Q: Are there any writing assignments for English Language Arts?

    A: Yes. I will be posting a writing assignment every week for students to complete on the Language! Live class wall. Assignments will be posted daily/weekly, so be sure to check for assignments when you log on to do Word Training each day.

    Q: Are reading logs a required assignment during the school closure?

    A: No. You are not required to read 30 minutes a day and complete a reading log summary; however, I strongly encourage you to do so. 

    Q: Are there any student engagement materials available for your Social Skills classes?

    A: Yes! Please take a look at the "Social Skills" tab located under the "Student Engagement Materials (3/16 - 6/18)" section. A new assignment will be posted each week for students to think & respond to directly on my class website. 

    Q: How will I receive credit for my responses to the "Think & Respond Scenarios" each week?

    A: There are a two different ways to receive credit for your responses to the "Think & Respond Scenarios" each week. Please make sure to do AT LEAST ONE of the following things:

         1. You can log into your district account before submitting a response. When you comment, it should say "You are commenting as..." with your name.

         2. You can submit a comment anonymously, but put your name at the end of the comment. For example, "If I were placed in this situation I would __________. - John Smith"

    Keep in mind that the second option will probably be the easiest to do.

    Q: Are you planning to set up "office hours" through video calls? 

    A: Yes. I am working with the other resource room teacher at Gateway to set up "office hours" through video calls. This will be about an hour window once or twice a week where students can meet with us to discuss any of the student engagement materials we have put out. Please keep an eye out for an email from us in the near future. 

    Q: Will you be posting grades for assignments from after the school closure in the LMS grade book?

    A: Yes. Assignments from after the school closure will be "graded" and posted in the LMS grade book. All assignments from after the school closure will be "graded" based on completion and participation. You will either see an "M" in the gradebook for missing or "TI" in the grade book for turned in.

    Q: Will the assignments from after the school closure affect my final grade?

    A: No. Assignments from after the school closure will not be weighted, which means they WILL NOT affect your final grade. 


    If you do not see the answer to your question above, please send me an email at and I will reply as soon as I can with an answer.