• Play a Math game with a deck of cards

    Play a Math game with a deck of cards

    Students brought home a deck of cards last week. Use these to play War, or Salute. The students know how to play these games. Allow them to be the teacher, and have fun! Of course if any questions arise feel free to email me. :)

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  • AR Bingo Sheet

    AR Bingo Sheet

    If your student doesn't have access to the internet that is no problem. When they finish a book they can orally retell you (or anyone) the story. When they finish their oral retell they can fill out their AR bingo sheet and have you initial it.

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  • Read!


    Our amazing Librarian Mrs. Post allowed students to check out 7-10 (possibly more) books. Have students read, read read! When they finish, ask them to tell you about what they just read. Having them verbalize what they just read will build up their comprehension skills.

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  • Power Writing

    Power Writing

    Give your student a topic, (any topic) set a timer for 3-5 minutes and have your student write as much as they can, and as well as they can for those 3-5 minutes about the topic. When they are done have them count their words.Your student will love seeing how many more words they are able to add each time they power write. This is great for building writing stamina.

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