• The ultimate STEM guide for kids: 239 cool sites worth checking out!!

    Posted by Carrine York on 4/27/2020
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  • New live Science with Mystery Doug on April 7th

    Posted by Carrine York on 4/2/2020

    This is a fun optional live Science lesson about what is going on around us right now. My son and I will tune in for something fun to do on Spring Break.

    Mystery Doug Livestream
    Tuesday, April 7, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

    Mystery Doug Livestream


    See you on Tuesday!

    - The Mystery Science Team

    P.S. Can’t make it live? View the recording at mysteryscience.com/live after the event

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  • What's new

    Posted by Carrine York on 3/27/2020

    I am so excited about all of my new learning today! I hope you have something that you are excited about learning as well!  I made some changes to our class website today. First, I added a literacy tab which includes a link to Epic books(I put instructions in our google classroom), as well as a link to an awesome source that we are familiar with-Scholastic. It is called Scholastic Learn at Home and it has a variety of projects you can do. Second, I added an art tab. So far I have lunch doodles with Mo Williams. Third, I added a fitness link that goes directly to Mr. Wheeler's website. I wish I would've had time to check this out sooner! There is a fitness calendar that I will surely be following next week with Julian. Fourth, I borrowed a site that Mrs. Albert has on her website called science buddies. It looks like a great site if you are looking for experiments and projects you can do at home. Lastly, on the welcome page I added the links for technology support, and the district provided engagement materials. 

    I had the best time "zooming" with students today. Look in your inbox by Monday morning with zoom invites for next week-we voted to catch up on zoom twice a week at least. Today we had 20 students show up to say hi and have some share time. I can't believe we spent an hour chatting. We could've chatted for hours! Next week we will try a kahoot together. If you don't know what that is, sit next to your kiddo during our call, you're in for a treat!

    I finished reading Chains yesterday, if you didn't finish yet check out my read alouds. Today I posted a synthesis summary assignment in our google classroom, these are due next Friday! Check in daily to see what's new in google classroom. 

    I am super excited to continue learning with you next week! I am having a great time learning how to use resources online. 

    Ms. York

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  • Thursday 3/26

    Posted by Carrine York on 3/26/2020

    I added two more science content areas under the science page. For fourth grade I added The Waves of Sound Unit and for fifth grade I added the Watery Planet unit. I love this site because they have engaging and informative videos along with other lesson ideas. If you check out these units please make a flipgrid and share your new knowledge with us. I will post a new topic in flipgrid for science.

    Ms. York

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  • Yearbook orders

    Posted by Carrine York on 3/24/2020

    We are hard at work on the Yearbook. Online order is still open till April 25th      Please follow the directions below     



    Yearbook Online Ordering


    Pre-Ordered YEARBOOK Cost: $15 each


    1.  Go to: commpe.pictavo.com

    2.  Find your school. (Washington/ Everett/ View Ridge Elementary in the drop-down bars.)

    2.  Click or tap the "Shop My School.”

    3.  Find your product & ‘Add to Cart.’

    4.  Enter student information.

    5.  ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Check Out’ to complete your purchase!


    Pre-order deadline is April. A limited number of extra books will be ordered for purchase in June.   To guarantee you get a yearbook pre-order is recommended.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tremayne Brown and Kelsey Baker: viewridgeyearbook@gmail.com


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  • What's new

    Posted by Carrine York on 3/18/2020

    I am updating my website every day and will continue to make improvements as I learn more. I started a blog page so that I can update you with new added resources and information. I'm working hard to find engaging, awesome learning experiences, as well as find the best ways to deliver the information. Today I added several Mystery Science videos. There are two mini lessons that relate to germs and hand sanitizer. I also added some ecosystem videos as this is a 5th grade science standard that has not been taught. They have so many great videos, and I will continue to add them. I will work on fourth grade standards tomorrow. I also added a link to the Cincinnati Zoo under my Science tab. This site is really cool. Every day at 12PM PST they highlight one of their amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home. If you can't log on at 12PM the videos will be saved on the site. I can't wait to do this with my son tomorrow. 

    I have a 5th grade math classroom in google classroom, I invited all 5th graders to join the classroom. I also will do daily read aloud's. Today I started a book called Rules. In addition to the new read aloud, I am doing a short Chains lesson and posting a question in our google classroom. 

    I'm here for you if you have any questions at all! 

    Ms. York

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