• Update 5/12/2020
    Hello Eveyone,
    I hope you are all doing well and are staying engaged. Good Luck to all of you taking AP testes this week. All material can be found in the Canvas Classrooms on your device. This week we are looking at doing a Virtual Band piece for Graduation for Symphonic and Wind Members. More details on that to come. Have a great week and stay strong!
    Mr. Staley
    Update 5/4/2020
    Hello Everyone,
    All material for the week is posted in the Canvas for your classes. Once Again all work is do by May 4, 2020 at 11:59 PM. There will be no ZOOM this week as you have a short video and quiz to take as well. Please stay engaged in all your classes as we continue to move forward during these times away from the classroom. We will have ZOOM again next week and then go every two weeks from there.
    Have a great Monday and warm weather is coming by the end of the WEEK!!!!!!
    Mr. Staley
    Update 4/27/2020
    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you are all staying healthy and taking care of yourselves and the others around you!
    I have moved all material online to CANVAS, easier for you to get to the material. Work on the lessons and enrichements throughout the week as like
    last week all work is dur Friday May 1, 2020 by 11:59 PM.
    Have a great Week I am pleased with how each of you are doing and that a least everyone in the program has looked at the Modules last week!!!
    Stay dry!
    Mr. Staley


    Update 04/20/2020

    Good Morning,

    After carefully working with colleagues from across the US from high schools and colleges this last week I have developed a plan to build your musical knowledge in both theoretical knowledge and performance practice.  I have chosen this path for us as ultimately this work will make you a better musician in the end.  Which is what I want and YOU want as well. Some of this might seem old habit but all musicians practice these skills weekly. While most of it will not be based around music we have in the band room there will be if you choose great growth in your playing ability and knowledge for next year and your future as a performer. The material aligns with the Core Standards for Music Education from the NAfme - National Association for Music Educators, the WMEA - Washington State Music Educators Association, as well as the OSPI - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Washington.

    Throughout the remaining weeks from here to the end of the year you will have two musical components to work in and complete each week. A Breezin thru Theory component and a Smart Music component. Both sets of these enrichment's will be submitted via the platform you are in. 

    As we embark on the schedule starting today the material should easily be able to be completed during the recommended time from Everett Public Schools.  

    This Material will be placed on the Individual Web pages and also is live in CANVAS for those that use that as well.

    Have a great Week, looking forward to seeing all the engagement!

    Mr. Staley


    Update 04/17/2020

    Good Morning,

    Well this week seems to have gone fast!! On Monday I will be sending out how we will finish out the school year as well as the reasons behind the philosophy, methods, and instruction that will be used. This will not be super long for you to read and understand. 

    Have a great weekend!

    Mr. Staley


    Update 4/13/2020

    Good Morning Everyone,

     I hope everyone had a nice Spring Break and that you are all doing well. Please make sure to take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

    I spent a week enjoying the sun and working around the yard, teaching my own two daughters as well as thinking about what we do from here.

    I do not have that answer right now as what we do from here, but the options I have come up with so far are:

    1. There is music out for each ensemble we will play in the fall for everyone returning! So we will probably add a concert in October around the 14th to perform all this. Jazz will have a concert as well only Earlier in October, so the mid-November Concert stays the same.
    2. There will be more technique building over the coming weeks in Smartmusic so it will not be just music you are looking at.
    3. Jazz will be doing more improv development with your “Tune you Picked” and others that will be given out.
    4. Percussion will be doing more Rudimental Drumming and Videoing for myself and Trent to look at. If that goes well then, I will expand that to the other bands.

    So, as you can see we will perform what we are working on early in the year, but for Concert Band I will need to get you additional music as you will not be in the same ensemble in the Fall.

    I know some of you were not able to sign up to Smartmusic as you were too late. I will be sending out new codes as soon as I get them so you can sign up and complete assignments.

    I will get more direction later this morning as if anything is changing regarding grading, etc.

    Each ensemble member has an assignment in Smartmusic do this week please be working on that as you begin the week more to come out later this week.

    Please everyone stay safe, keep up your great work!

    Have a Wonderful Monday get some FRESH AIR BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT THERE!!!!!!!!

    Yours always,

    Mr. Staley


    Update 04/02/2020

    Good Morning 04/02/2020

    I am posting this update today as all of you would have predicted on April 1st, I would lead you astray for some fun joke.

    But alas my fun subsides!!!!! Let me just start by saying I miss you all!!!!! The work we get done in class along with the fun has me missing that so much and it is OK to have these feelings!!! Reach out if you need or want to, we are all in this at the same time. I will admit some days are better than others and the WEATHER DOES NOT HELP!!!! I know our Spring Breaks will not be what they were supposed to… that is OK, but there will be a time when we make up for it with double the trouble we could have got in (the kid in me speaking!).  HAHAHAHAHAAH (Think evil laugh from The Puppet Master) HAHAHAHAHA

    I have added a technique page to the left column on the web site for each of you to watch. I will be adding as I find them. PLEASE check that page daily as well. Not every instrument there as of yet.

    I have been listening to the Smart Music submissions and adding comments back for you to read. Please get them all done that are to be completed by Friday night 4/3/2020.

    Have a good Thursday and Friday, and a WONDERFUL next week. I am always here next week might take a little longer to respond, but I am not going to Coachella with it cancelled! ARGH!!!!

    Your rock in Service,

    Mr. Staley

    P.S. I will be adding to the “Into the Unknown” poster throughout the next week with teasers about music and releasing the Title of the 2021 show as this has turned into a Trilogy starting with “Fear.” The staff is just not sitting around!!!!!

    Cascade Sound Marching Band and Color Guard:

    2019      FEAR

    2020      INTO THE UNKNOWN

    2021      ?? ??? ????? (Working title exact number of characters)


    Update 03/30/2020

    Good Monday Morning Everyone,

    I hope this weekend was good for everyone. I have been out running every day! So far…. HAHAHA

    I have half the students signed up for Smart Music so far. I need for everyone to be signed up by tonight. I hope everyone has their instrument at home as this will be the way I can listen to you. Please make sure you are signed up. I have had three students so far submit their assignment to me for listening and they have done a great Job!

    I need from all to keep practicing!

    I will be giving each class two extended learning opportunities each weak maybe three depending on if we have already had the music before. So please get the assigned playing done and submitted right away. We do not want to get behind. Any questions please ask away!

    Have a great week, stay healthy and FIVE DAYS TILL SPRING BREAK!!!!!

    Mr. Staley


    Update 03/26/2020

    Good Morning Everyone,

    With all that is seen and unseen there is one thing I know for sure are air quality will be better!!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well, I know from my family it seems like I am busier than ever for being at home. I am working on exercising, getting fit, and healthy to the best of my ability everyday! (a few cookies here and there) Please take that time for yourselves as well.

    I sent out this morning(finally) email for your students to sign back into Smart Music or create their own account. I sent this email to their school email address. If they had an account and forgot username, password, etc., they can follow the links to reset their account. If you are new and did not ever have an account before then you can create one, use your school email address. 

    I have been trying to put music on the individual band pages but with so many schools across the United States in the same situation we are in, most actions time out. And even at 1 AM when I tried last night.

    I hope everyone is playing their music for the classes and finding music they enjoy and are playing for fun!

    Please look for these email and sign up right away the deadline I set for signing up is 3/31/2020. 

    I will have the students ;play and record their parts and send them to me so I can provide them direct feedback. Please understand none of this will be graded but the program makes me assign a grading rubric to the assignments so that the program can give the students direct feedback as well.

    Have a great Thursday, enjoy YOUR MUSIC!!!!

    Your Friend,

    Mr. Staley


    Update 03/24/2020

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    I updated the Band pages yesterday for what students can be working on this week as we go forward. Please encourage them to take time to play music this week if they have not already and have them explore deeper on their own into new music they may come to like. 


    Update 03/19/2020

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    Please keep yourselves and loved ones safe as we explore the uncharted territory together we are all living in moment by moment. Please know how much our band family means to me and to each other, I am always here for you to lean on.

    Throughout the six week suspension of school, I will update the Individual Band webpages periodically with material for the music you have and any updated new information communicated to us from our building and district administration.  You will see on the Welcome page of my website a direct link to my email and phone number.  The best way to contact me is via email during this time or ask questions via the Band App. Each of these links have been used by the students throughout this school year to support their learning. 

     Please take the time needed adjust to this new normalcy.

    Friends here is a link to an excellent resource provided by OSPI about COvid19 and talking to your children:



     Remember what i sent you all last week:

    Ths Poem has guided my teaching!

    The next 6 weeks will be different for all of us. It's how we chose to make the best use of our time apart to make us stronger when we all return. We are living history- hour by hour and moment by moment and none of us knows what lies before us. But I do know the strength of all us is stronger together than apart. That is what has me sad that after tomorrow we will not be together for 6 weeks or who knows maybe longer, but I do know this "I have PUSHED YOU from the moment you stepped foot onto Cascade High School grounds and I will watch you SOAR over the next few weeks! Why? You are all strong, you are all smart, you are all talented, and I will watch you FLY." Everyday we have walked into the band room to make Music together, the inspiration from your playing leaves audiences in awe. And that My Friends will give me more energy to be on fire when we return to enjoy the last of the year making MUSIC..........together!

     ~From the Band App Post March 12, 2020


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