Weekly Homework

  • Weekly Homework - Les Devoirs (Click for a copy of the form)

    * The goal of the weekly homework is for you to recognize French around you.

    ~ 4 words/phrases are due each week:

         - Write the word/phrase en français.

         - Write the English translation.

         - Draw a picture of the word

         - Write a sentence en français that contains the word or phrase

    ~ 30 minutes of listening to French should be documented each week. (That's less than 5 minutes per day!  =)


         - Go to the list of French music on my website, upload a couple of songs!

         - Spend time on YouTube listening to French music, if you find something that will enhance our learning in class, please SHARE IT WITH ME!  =)

      * Each sheet is for 2 weeks.

      * All sheets will be collected at the end of the month.