• Hello Period 1 Intro to Law Students! I have missed you! I trust and hope you are all well.

    A few announcements:

    1. Class zoom meeting are on Mondays at 9:00 now! 

    2. Judge Larsen will be popping in to say hello in the weeks ahead! So will Gues tspeakers

    3. Please keep working on your Careers in Law research papers. The First Draft was assigned and Due before the break so I am allowed to grade them and give you feedback on them. In addition, I did receive some clarification and I will be entering all the scenarios and other assignments that were assigned and that have been turned in before we left :)

    4. Lastly, I have attached a list of Trial Law related Movies PG -13 that I recommend you watch to stay in engaged in learning about the Law and parts to a trial. Just search them up online or your preferred streaming service. I will be emailing your parents an additional list of 4 movies that I recommend that are R Rated. The decision to watch these will be your parents and or guardians. Ask them if they received the email. Perhaps you can watch it together.

    Email me Mwebster@everettsd.org or see in Zoom if you have questions!
    Ms. WebsterPG 13 TRIAL LAW Moviess