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    Students who choose the in-person option are welcome back to the classroom at Sequoia as of April 22,2021, socially distanced and 2 days a week. I will be teaching students in person and virtually at the same time and looking forward to the challenge. The district adopted curriculum is Illustrative Mathematics High School Geometry, published by Kendall Hunt.

    Course Information, Syllabi, Lessons, Cool Downs (assignments) and assessments are all available in Canvas, and will also be available in print form for in-person use.

    Units we are covering this year include:

    Constructions and Rigid Transformations



    Right Triangle Trigonometry

    Coordinate Geometry

    Classes will continue to be held on Zoom for those who are present virtually, and many of the lessons will be presented through Desmos.

    All links will be available through the Modified Geometry Canvas classes.