• Examples of Exercises

    • Strength:

    Pull Ups,  Bar Hang, Dips, Wall Sits, Push Ups, ABC Push Ups, Push Up Hold

    Crunchers, Obliques, Wall Jumps, Front Planks, Lunges, Rocket Blasters


    Ski Jumps, Free Weights, Sit Ups, Pilates, Resistance Bands, Left and Right T's

    • Cardio:

    Running/Jogging, Jump Roping, Dancing, Aerobic Videos, Bike Riding

    Any Kind of Aerobic Machine ex. Stationary Bike, Treadmill, Stair Master, Elliptical

    Running in place, 100+ Jumping Jacks

    • Flexibility:

    Arm Stretch, Hurdler Stretch, Quad Stretch, Hamstring Stretch ( Right & Left)

    Butterfly Stretch, Pretzel Stretch, Sit & Reach, Yoga