• Math



    • Gridlock Game: Print & play!
    • Three in a Row: Print & play!
    • Math Cards
      • Instructions: 

        1) The aim of the activity is to match cards with the same numerical answer, shown through different representations.

        2) Lay all the cards down on a table and ask student to take turns picking them; pick as many as they find with the same answer (shown through any representation).

        For example: 9 and 4 can be shown with an area model, sets of objects such as dominoes, and the number sentence. When students match the cards they should explain how they know that the different cards are equivalent. This activity encourages an understanding of multiplication as well as rehearsal of math facts.

      • Printable Math Cards
    • Space Racer: Online game
      • Instructions: Practice multiplication fact fluency by guiding your rocket through space!
      • Space Racer
    • Multiplication Blocks
    • Multiplication Memory: Online game
      • Instructions: Practice your multiplication facts with this online memory game.
      • Memory Cards
    • Times Table: Online Interactive
      • Instructions: Practice multiplying single digits using this interactive times table. 
      • Times Table
    • Multiply by powers of 10: Online board game
      • Instructions: Play this online board game to practice multiplying by powers of 10!
      • Online Board Game





    • Equivalent Fractions: Online Game
      • Instructions: Create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading squares or circles, and match each fraction to its location on the number line. 
      • Equivalent Fractions
    • Fractions: Online Game