• Monday, April 20:  to get to Google Classroom you may use this link:  Google Classroom     

    Today, we are going to be using another format on how to get information and lessons.  It is called Google Classroom.  If your students have older siblings, they may already be using it.  I have attached step-by-step directions on how to get into it. VERY IMPORTANT:  If your student is NOT using a district chromebook and the device they are using has a g.mail account, the gmail account will have to be logged out.  Once they get to google classroom, they will be asked to join my classroom (look for Mrs. Gallaway ERR classroom).  If you need a code, please email me. ​  You may just have to click join.  Once in, leave a message like I did it!  That was easy!  You can even read everyone else's messages.
    If for some reason you cannot get in, email me and I will call you.  Good Luck!

    Here are directions Step by step Directions 


    Monday, April 13th:  Check out this video and see how many people you recognize:  the first link is if you cannot get on You Tube:  We Miss You

    This link is if you can get on Youtube.  (elementary chrome books cannot get on Youtube:  We Miss You



    Tuesday, March 24:  I was just looking at Mystery Doug for this week and it looks like it is free for all of us.  The question this week was about Hand Sanitizer,  Please click on this link to watch:  



    Tuesday, March 31:  This week's question for Mystery Doug is about April Fools Day.  Wait until you see who asks the question!  Please click on this link to watch:


    Today, we had our first class Zoom meeting.  Alex and Lucas were there along with Ms. Archer, Ms. Minshull, Ms. Balk, Ms. Desai, and Ms. Duffy.  We missed the rest of you.  We hope you can make it next week.

    Today I would like you to find 10 things around your house that are in the same category.  Lucas is going to use balls and Alex is going to use Legos.  Some other ideas might be blocks, rocks, boxes of food and so on.  After you find what you are going to use - put them in order from the smallest to the largest.  You can send a picture to my email address or you can show a parent or sibling.