• 9/3/2020

    iReady is likely the computer program your student is most familiar with. This program tailors to each students' math needs. So if there is a specific concept that your student is struggling with, iReady works on that skill first!

    If iReady access is available to your child, 45 minutes a week) in their lessons and 20 minutes a week in the games would keep skills sharp!

    Helpful hint:

    Students need to sign in through Canvas to get to their iReady. If you are using a tablet, the iReady app needs to be downloaded and open. While the app is open, have student go into the web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) and log into their Canvas to access iReady.

    Here are further logging on details:

    Directions from iReady for Logging On

    Here is a fast link to get to your child's canvas: