• All users must be logged out of their Google accounts before students can sign in. Students will need to enter their district email (studentID@apps.everettsd.org) the first time they sign in from home. After the initial log in, only Student I.D. will be required.  


    To access our Google classroom from the Welcome page on my teacher website:  

    1. Under QuickLinks, select Student Tools 

    2. Click Google Apps for Education  

    3. Under Quick Links, choose Classroom 

    4. Log in using Student I.D. as username and password 


    To access our Google classroom from the Everett Public Schools website or Silver Lake website: 

    1. Click Students  

    2. Select Student Tools 

    3. Click on Google Apps for Education 

    4. Under Quick Links, choose Classroom  

    5. Log in using Student I.D. as username and password