Mix Up Your Workouts


    • Variety is good. Try not to do the same exercises in every workout. A mixture of many exercises will increase the number of muscles being strengthened. There are over 650 muscles in the human body (WOW).


    • Example... I LOVE spaghetti. But if I eat spahetti everyday, I will get "sick" of it and not like it anymore.. "Variety is the secret to happiness."


    • Muscles need rest. For example, if on Monday you did strength exercises that focused on your legs such as: wall jumps, wall sit, rocket blasters, and lunges. Then the next day (Tuesday), give the leg muscles rest by doing only upper body exercises such as: push-ups, front planks, obliques, and dips.


    Have Fun


    • Make your workouts enjoyable. Try choosing exercises that you like. 
      • Positive
      • Attitude
      • Changes
      • Everything


    Workout With A Partner (whenever possible)


    • Ask a parent, relative, or school friend to workout with you. Exercising with a partner can be beneficial in many ways:
      • may create a little "friendly competition" to push each other to work harder.
      • makes exercising more enjoyable.
      • A partner can help motivate you to exercise when encouragement is needed.