• As a librarian, I want to support reading any way I can during the school closure. Here are a few resoursces that you can access to increase reading and learning opportunities for your child.

    1. Everett Public Schools

    To access Everett Public Schools online engagement resources click on the link.

    Student Engagement

    Everett Student Engagement Materials


    2.  Follet Lightbox

    Free access to over 1,000 interactive eBooks! Click on the link below to access a great collection of non-fiction books from Follett Lightbox.

    user name:  guest

    password is follett.  

    Lightbox Follett eLearning

    user name:  guest

    password is follett.  


    3.  Audible Books for Kids

    Another resource for access to online books for students is Audible Books for Kids. Clink on the link for access to many online books for kids.

    Audible Books for Kids

    4.  Sno-Ilse Libraries

    Did you know your child can get Sno-Ilse Library access to ebooks?  Go to https://www.sno-isle.org/getacard to sign up for a library card.  

    Sno Isle Library Card

    If you have any questions about any of these or other resources please email me, so I can help.  

    Mrs. Smith