• Dear American Government Students;

    Students I trust and hope you and your families are all healthy. As you know before break we were studying about Political Socialization and Political Ideology and Political Participation. Topics included political parties, elections, campaigns, Interest groups and the media. Next we would learn about how a bill becomes a law and then the final unit was to be on civil liberties and civil rights and the judicial branch.

    I have put together a list of resources and attachments as you engage in learning about these topics over the next month. Please remember to check your student email, my webpage and our Google classroom daily. I will update it frequently. I will be adding resources and mini lecture videos covering important topics in the class. We will be meeting weekly in Zoom on Wednesdays at 10:00am to connect. The link can be found on my webpage, in your email, and on Google classroom. I have included a Zoom trouble shooting guide in Google classroom to help you.

    Engagement Resources, assignments and plan:

    1. Crash course AP Government by Topic ****ASSIGNMENT****
    Please look at the list of the 37 crash courses from the link below and watch the videos that match the topics to the content we need to study. They are Crash Course Videos numbers 6 through 14 and 18 through 45. There are 37 in total. You are take notes and fill the Video guide as you watch each one. You may send me one completed form for all 37 or individual ones. Your choice. As you fill in the viewing guide please include any comments and notes from the videos as to what you found the most interesting and what you want to learn more about. And please include any questions you may have about the topics. I have created an interactive form for you to capture your notes online and have posted it in our Goggle classroom for you to use.


    2. Political Ideology Links ****ASSIGNMENT****
    Right before break as you may recall we were taking a series of ideology surveys to help you learn and determine where you might land on the political spectrum…meaning are you a conservative, liberal or somewhere in between. I have listed a few surveys for you to do to continue learning about this topic. Please send me an email with the results when you are done!

    3. US Citizenship test ****ASSIGNMENT****

    One of the state requirements is that all government students pass the US Citizenship test.
    I have included a practice quiz for you to practice and study. I also listed a youtube series reviewing all the questions and answers to all 100 questions. Most are super easy! Try it out.

    Citizenship test 100 questions youtube video
    Here is the link for practice tests.

    4. Current Events ****ASSIGNMENT****

    Please watch the news coverage and stay current on the following topics: At the end of each week send me a summary update on the two topics below.

    Covid 19 Crisis: How has each level of Government responded to the crisis so far? Federal, State and City of Everett’s response?

    Election primaries: where is the election at? Who will be the Democratic nominee? What stated have primaries left? When are they? Follow along.