• balls  Weekly Activities     

    June 15 - 19

    1. Mouse Catcher Challenge - Try this one minute challenge that will work on using speed and balance.

     2. Sit and Clap Challenge - This is a 45 second cardio challenge that will also work on quad and glute muscles.


    June 8 -  14

    1. 1 Minute Throwing Challenge - Work with me on underhand or overhand throwing and aiming skills. You will also get cardio work with this challenge.

    2. Basket Shooting Challenge - Try out the 45 second basket shooting challenge with me to make as many baskets as you can before time runs out.


    June 1 -  7

    1. Underhand Racket Challenge - Practice your racket skills, and use your hand/eye coordination, with me as you try this 30 minute challenge. If you repeat the challenge to improve your score, you will also get your heart rate up for some good cardio.  
    2. Speaking of cardio, this video from PhysEd.TV will give you a little more.

    May 25 - June 1

    1. Pyramid Throwing Challenge- Work with me on overhand, or underhand, throwing and aiming skills while getting a little heart-healthy cardio at the same time.

    2. Clean-up Your Room Challenge - Use stuffed animals, or other items from your room, to work on two more components of fitness (muscle strength and muscle endurance) for your core (ab/tummy muscles) as you move the animals while holding a plank position.

    3. Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge from PEUniverse.com is a fun way to build more core strength.

    May 18 - 24

    1. Work on your hand/eye coordination and raquet skills with my video challenge: Sock Uppies Tennis

    2. This video challenge will work on these components of fitness: cardio, muscle strength/endurance, and flexibility. Try out Avengers Fitness!

    3. Here are some of my previous challenges you may also like to try:

    - The Ab Challenge which uses your feet to move objects

    - The Knee and Shoulder Touch Challenge which works your triceps and ab muscles

    May 11 - 17

    Balanced Diet 2 - This video offers more cardio exercise along with balanced diet information: PhysEd.TV

    May 4 - 10

    1. Balanced Diet - This video gives you some cardio exercise and information on eating a balanced diet: PysEd.TV

    2. Use the "Spell Your Name ABCs" list to show you which exercises or stretches to do for the letters in your name. You may use your first or last name or, for an even bigger challenge, try both!

    Here is my Spell Your Name video where I demonstrate how it's done.

    Spell Your Name ABC List

    A-  30 second jog in place

    B – 10 lunges

    C – hop on one foot 5 times, and the other foot 5 times

    D - pretend jump rope 20 times

    E – 20 second quad stretch

    F – hop like a frog 8 times

    G – 10 jumping jacks

    H – 10 mountain climbers

    I –  20 second plank

    J – 10 second balance on right foot

    K – 12 wall pushups

    L – 10 ski jumps

    M –10 windmill toe-touches

    N – 30 second plank 

    O – 10 forward arm circles and 10 backward arm circles

    P – walk sideways 10 steps and hop back

    Q – crabwalk forward for a count of ten and then back

    R – 5 forward and 5 backward arm circles

    S – 10 windmill toe-touches

    T -pretend to pedal a bike with your arms for a count of 20

    U – 10 crunches

    V – flap your arms like a bird 25 times

    W – gallop for a count of 15

    X - stretch to touch the sky for a count of 15

    Y – walk on your toes for a count of 15

    Z – 10 push-ups



    April 27 - May 1

    Here are two activities you might include when filling out your Activity Log for the week. The Components of Fitness these activities focus on are cardiorespiratory endurance and muscle strength/muscle endurance.

    Beachbody Kids Workouts - Get some cardio with another Shaun T workout this week: "Cool Moves." If you need to stop and pause before you finish to get a quick break, go ahead!

    To work your core muscles try: Physed.tv "Working the Core."