• Jan 12 Meeting at 1:45

    Link for today:  https://everettsd.zoom.us/j/93291691148

    Link:  Check your email or canvas email for a link from Ms. Kelly.  Ifyou did not get an email please request the link from her by 12:25 at 


    Students Rebuild:

    Change Makers for PSA

    Change Maker Video Project


     Keep track of point and attendance here.  Download a copy for yourself.  You don't have to use this form but these are the things you need to keep track of for service credit.

    Service Points- Make a copy of this service point sheet


    8th graders: 

    Did you receive an invitation to join the North honor society before our school closed?  We still want you to join us for North honor society this year!  Please send your confirmation form to Ms. Kelly or Mrs. Vigil.  Please ask if you have questions.  Our email is at the bottom. 


    • If you received an invitation to join and you turned in the confirmation form with a parent signature (these were given out during the informational meetings we held during lunch), then consider yourself a member of honor society! 
    • Need a new copy?  Fill it out and  hand it in when turning in books.  Here is one:Application.Honor Society Membership.pdf





    Community service from home when you still can’t go out idea:   

    1 point

    pick a flower bouquet for a neighbor or a family member (only use flowers you have permission to pick, of course!!)


    2 points

    make cookies for a neighbor or family member.


    1 or 2 points depending on how much time you put into it

    write a letter or email to a family member or someone you know needs some extra care

    do a chore at home that takes at least 15 minutes to do and isn’t usually your job


    1 point per hour

    do yardwork for a neighbor in need and don’t let them pay you money for it (tell them you are doing community service for honor society and it will make them smile!)

    You are not limited to these ideas but if you are not sure, ask yourself if you did it to help out without expecting anything.  If the answer is yes, and the task took more than 15-20 mintues then it will most likely be considered service.


    Contact information:  Email is the best way to get ahold of us.  Please make sure you use your first and last names in the email.

    Mrs. Vigil:  rvigil@everettsd.org

    Ms. Kelly:  kkelly2@everettsd.org