"The Importance of Functional Language"


     Pretend you have a flat tire.  If you call 9-1-1 and say "black circle", they probably will not understand.  However, if you could say "Help. Broken. Stuck. Hurt.", then emergency responders would know something is wrong. 

    Ways to help your child learn and use language:

    Self Talk - talk out loud about what you are doing
    *Parallel Talk - talk out loud about what your child is doing
    *Repetition - Repeat words over and over and over and over again.
    *Simplify - use short phrases and sentences.
    *Be Silly - get attention with unexpected actions.
    *Verbal Routines - Use the same words in daily routines.
    *Sing - Teach language using songs.
    *Wait - Pause and give them wait time to respond.
    *Open-Ended Questions - use "wh" questions instead of yes/no questions
    *Follow Their Lead - talk about their interests.

    Research shows that building a language rich enviornment from birth makes a big difference in a child's ability to speak, read, and write.