• Early Literacy
    Literacy Tips for Children ages 3-5


    Here are some ideas for working at home on early literacy with your child:

    Read! Read! Read!--reading books with your child is one of the best ways to improve your child's early literacy skills!  Here are some literacy skills that generally occur from ages 3-5 as a child develops his/her early reading skills.
    • Talk about the parts of the book--can your child point to the front cover, the back and the spine?  Show your child the title and explain that this is the name of the book.
    • Name the author and the illustrator--explain that the author writes the words and the illustrator draws the pictures.  Review this each time you read together.
    • Occasionally, with a book that is very familiar to your child that they have heard many times, deliberately make a mistake when telling the story (ex: change the name of the main character) and note if your child notices the mistake.
    • Ask your child to point to or name pictures in the story.
    • Name actions in the story.
    • Listen for rhymes in the story and point them out in the story.  Can your child think of another word that rhymes with the word in the book?
    • Again, with a very familiar story, leave off the last word or sentence on a page.  Is your child able to fill in the missing part?
    • Use your fingers to "trail" the words  as you read to show that we read from left to right and top to bottom.
    • Ask your child to "read" to you a book that you have read to him/her many times.
    • Does your child ask about specific words?  Take a moment to talk about new vocabulary and explain the meaning of words.
    • Describe a scene or part of a picture on a page.  Is your child able to listen to the clues and point to the part that you are describing?
    • After reading a story, see if your child can recall at least 2 things from the story?  Who was the story about (main character)? Where wash he/she?  What did he/she do?
    • Ask your child to point to a single word on the page.  Point to a single letter.  Talk about the first letter your child's first name and ask him/her to find that letter on a page.
    • Talk about the story... is it real?  Could this really happen?  Is it fantasy or make-believe?
    • As you are reading, ask your child to predict what will happen next in the story.  Was he/she right?
    Remember.... have fun reading together!