• Learning Model Status

    Everett Public Schools will begin the 2020-21 school year with 100% remote learning using our staged approach to reopening. As the numbers of positive COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise across our state and in our region, it has become clear at this time that our more robust remote learning model will be the safest way to form the foundation for student learning this fall.

    Staged reentry to schools will be determined by the impacts of a changing COVID-19 pandemic, available resources, direction from Snohomish Health District, OSPI and our Governor. Having the flexibility and agility to move to different models will enable us to provide the best education possible in whatever scenario presents itself.

    Current Status

    January 19, 2021: Hybrid Learning Model 2

     Learning Model Stage 2 - Hybrid Learning

  • Get to know the stages


    Stage 1: 100% Remote Learning

    • All students participate in distance learning.


    Stage 2: Hybrid Learning 

    • Developmental Kindergarten, STRIVE and Life Skills students back into the classroom. Elementary STRIVE and Life Skills will be back five (5) days a week and Secondary STRIVE and Life Skills, as well as Developmental Pre-K will be in the building four (4) days a week. All other students participate in remote learning


    Stage 3: Hybrid Learning

    • Students from stage 2, as well as Kindergarten and grade 1, resource students in Kindergarten and grade 1, ECEAP students, Extended Resources students grades 1-5, Achieve students grades 1-5, Transitional Kindergarten and preschool students receiving itinerant services participating in an AA/BB hybrid model. All other students participate in remote learning. 


    Stage 4a & 4b: Hybrid Learning

    • Stage 4a: Students from stage 2 and 3, as well as grades 2-3 and resources students in grades 2-3 participating in an AA/BB hybrid model. All other students participate in remote learning.
    • Stage 4b: Students from stage 2, 3 and 4a, as well as grades 4-5 and resource students in grades 4-5 participating in an AA/BB hybrid model. All other students participate in remote learning.


    Stage 5: Hybrid Learning

    • Students from stages 2, 3, 4a and 4b, as well middle and high school students participating in a small cohort learning model for remediation and support. All other students participate in remote learning.


    Stage 6:

    100% In-Person Learning

    • All students and staff participate onsite with in-person instruction five (5) days a week.