• Grading in Remote Learning

    Our collective goal remains to provide meaningful feedback to students and families on students’ progress towards grade-level essential standards.  Grading of assignments and assessments should always be done with this purpose in mind. 

    Students in grades K-5 will continue to be challenged to demonstrate success towards grade-level essential learning standards and will be graded against those standards. 

    Grades 6-12 students will be graded on an A-F scale. The current practice around using plus and minus will continue.  The grading floor of “zero” will be eliminated and replaced with a floor of fifty percent (50%) in order to support students’ motivation and ability to demonstrate turnaround growth. This includes missing assignments. 

    To support a system focused on the evaluation of student learning and one of providing meaningful feedback to students and families, grades as an assessment of learning will not include students’ attendance or behaviors. 

    With specific criteria designed by teachers, students will be allowed to retake exams and be provided multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of standards.