• Qualification Process for the English Learner Program During Remote Learning 

    Traditionally, students are determined eligible for the EL program through a process that includes a review of the Home Language Survey, which is completed during enrollment, and an assessment of English proficiency, the ELPA21 Screener.

    In a remote learning environment, it is not possible to assess students using the ELPA21 Screener. As a result, the following process will be used to determine eligibility of students for EL Program: 

    1. The Home Language Survey is completed during enrollment.
    2. If the form indicates that a language other than English is used in the home and/ or if the child first understood or uses a language other than English, the student’s Home Language Survey will be shared with the school's EL designee.  
    3. The EL Designee will review the Home Language Survey: 
      • If the Home Language Survey indicates there is a language other than English spoken in the home, but not by the student, the school's EL Designee will contact the family to confirm the child's language. 
      • If the Home Language Survey indicates the child's first language or the language the child uses in the home is a language other than English, the child will PROVISIONALLY qualify for the EL program and:
    4. The EL Designee will ensure the student begins receiving EL services during remote learning.  
    5. Within 30 days of in person attendance, the EL Designee will ensure the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21stCentury (ELPA21) Screener is administered to determine eligibility for the EL program.
    6. Based on the results of the ELPA21 Screener, the student’s EL status will be updated from provisional to either qualifies or does not qualify.  
    7. Families will be notified of their child's provisional qualification for the EL program and will be provided updated information regarding their child's status after the ELPA21 Screener has been administered. 


    Identification of EL students flow chart