• Welcome to the Highly Capable Program

     Tambark Creek Elementary

    Everett Public Schools

     Information from the students in the Highly Capable program



             We are so excited you will be joining us next year!  We know it can be a big change to move to a new class or a new school so we asked current students to think of some of the questions and concerns they had when they made the move.  On the following pages you will see what their thoughts were.

              We are thrilled that we will be spending next year (or more!) with each one of you!  What lucky teachers and classmates we are.  If you have any other questions you can reach us at:

    Alisa Yee: ayee@everettsd.org

    Valerie Strong: vstrong@everettsd.org

    Rachel Becker: rbecker@everettsd.org

    Richelle Shively: rshively@everettsd.org

    Brenda Stingily: bstingily@everettsd.org


              We’re really looking forward to getting to know you!


    All About New Friends…..

    Will the kids in my new class be different than the kids in my old class?              

              Yes, the kids in your new class will be different kids than were in your other classes.  They will act the same, but you will have to make new friends.  There is not much of a difference in the HC kids than other kids other than the HC kids have higher standards of work.

    Will friends treat you differently?

              People may ask you what HC is like or if you’re getting smarter or better at math.  HC is really just about learning in a different way. Your friends should treat you exactly the same because you haven’t changed!  It also depends what you tell them about HC or if YOU treat them differently.

    Is it hard to make new friends in the Highly Capable class?

              Making friends in HC is just as easy as making friends in a general education class.  A lot of the kids in your new class will also be new, and need friends, which will make it even easier!  Don’t worry; you won’t be the only one trying to make new friends!


    All About Classwork…..

    What if I’m not the smartest in my class?

              There isn’t really such a thing as being the smartest in the class. Different subjects come easily to different people. You might have a harder time with one subject, while another comes more easily to you.  It’s important to keep a growth mindset in all areas!  We just want to make sure you are doing YOUR best!

    Is the HC work harder than the work in a regular class?  Am I working ahead?

              There’s a little difference but since you’re in the highly capable program it shouldn’t be too hard for you!  The work in this class will give you a challenge.  You will work at your instructional level.  In math you will be working one year ahead.  How exciting!

    How is the work different from the classroom I was in before?

              We cover things faster.  Like we said, our math is a year higher and we tend to do higher level reading.  We do a lot of projects and study subjects that not everyone else has time for.


    All About Homework…. 

    How hard is the homework?

              The homework is usually like what you are doing in class.  This is often above your grade level.  So, in a way it is harder but not harder than the work you’re doing at school.  We think we get the same amount of homework as other classes.  Just like now, a lot of us are very busy outside of school; however, we find the time to do our homework.


    All About Changing Schools….

    Are the specialists the same in HC?

              Yes, the specialists are the same as the ones in a normal class.  You have STEM, P.E., library, art and music. 




    Feel free to ask different questions if you have them. We can add them to this packet since someone else might have the same question.

    Your New Teacher